‘Nordic Europe’ Noh Sa-yeon “Married to Lee Moo-song for 28 years… I’m still getting to know him”

Singer Noh Sa-yeon and broadcaster Ji Sang-ryul will showcase their chemistry like a cheatkey in “Nordic Europe with Carrier.”

The entertainment program LG Hello Vision, LG U+, and The Life Channel “Nordic Europe with Carrier” (hereinafter referred to as “Nordic Europe”), which will air on the 21st, will unveil MC Song Eun-yi, Kim Sook and Yoo Se-yoon’s fiery book scramble and anti-war, Noh Sa-yeon and Ji Sang-ryul’s study.

On this day, “Nordic Europe with Carrier” will feature male and female friends Noh Sa-yeon and Ji Sang-ryul, who show unusual chemistry enough to make legendary shots for each program they appear in. First of all, Noh Sa-yeon and Ji Sang-ryul surprise the MCs by releasing an anti-war bookcase full of poetry and classic novels.

Among them, Ji Sang-ryul revealed his love for poetry, and explains why he started with comic books and even started to get married. In addition, he released his collection, including various LP records, and in the process, Noh Sa-yeon was told that “there is a Lee Moo-song, but why am I not here?” which raises questions.

In addition, Ji Sang-ryul is known to show off her character as a “ungeumguru” in “Nordic Europe with Carrier,” drawing attention. In particular, when Yoo Se-yoon failed to say a word in the talk about the book, Ji Sang-ryul became angry and poured out poetic expressions such as “Open your page,” and MCs such as Kim Joong-hyuk said they would expect Ji Sang-ryul to take the mound.

On the other hand, while taking time for the TMI book quiz “Annexbook,” Noh Sa-yeon said, “Couple relations should always make efforts. “I’ve lived for 28 years, but we’re still getting to know each other,” he said, showing his affection for Lee Moo-song, while saying, “I can’t be the only one who recommends marriage.”

“Northern Europe” is a book entertainment show where MC Song Eun-yi, Kim Sook, Yoo Se-yoon, and writer Kim Joong-hyuk send books that were asleep in celebs’ study to 12 regions across the country to fill one of the local libraries.

“Nordic Europe,” which awakens books from celebrity study to life books and stories contained in them, airs every Monday on LG HelloVision Channel 25, The Life Channel (LG Uplus 39, SKbtv 67, LG HelloVision 38), and U+TV and U+MobileTV.

[Sung Jeong-eun, Star Today reporter]

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