Park Min-young, Song Kang, Yoon Park, Yura, cast in ‘The Korea Meteorological Administration People’

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Park Min-young, Song Kang, Yoon Park, and Yura (Girls Day) have confirmed their appearance in JTBC’s new drama “The Korea Meteorological Administration People: In-house Love Brutal History,” which depicts the working lives of people working at the Korea’s first weather agency.

JTBC’s new drama, “The Weathermen: In-house Love Cruelty” (directed by Cha Young-hoon, screenplay by Sun-young, creator Gl Line & Kang Eun-kyung, produced by Anpio Entertainment, JTBC Studio, and “The Weathermen”) is a workplace romance drama about the work and love of people hotter than tropical nights and more unpredictable than heavy rains.

It is a place that informs the weather that is most closely related to everyday life, but it is the first drama to unfold against the backdrop of unknown space and the Korea Meteorological Administration, which could not know how some people work.

Above all, the combination of actors, director and scripters is perfect.
Kang Eun-kyung creator and writer Sun-young from Gline, who created a series of popular works such as “The World of the Married,” which recorded JTBC’s highest ratings, as well as “Misty” and “Wook’s Nam Jung-ki,” wrote the script. On top of that, director Cha Young-hoon, who directed “When the Camellia Blooms,” which won the grand prize in the TV category of the Baeksang Arts Awards last year, directed the film. In addition, Loco Queen Park Min-young, popular actor Song Kang, and Yoon Park and Yura, who will add “tailored” charm to their characters, have completed the expected lineup of JTBC’s box office success.

First, Park Min-young plays Jin Ha-kyung, the forecaster of the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA). Ha Kyung-eun is a person who is smart about work, self-management, and everything, and she is a car city girl who is clear about public and private affairs, and is clear that she even has interpersonal relationships and stops. Due to principleism and the clean nature of drawing a line from all human relationships, it is considered a “voluntary outsider” within the Korea Meteorological Administration. Park Min-young and Jin Ha-kyung, who have been creating characters that remain in viewers’ minds for a long time with their “smart” acting skills, are already depicted in their heads and expectations are rising.

The role of “Lee Si-woo,” who is in charge of the Korea Meteorological Administration’s general affairs division 2, will be played by actor Song Kang. Si-woo is the owner of an unconventional thought and a free soul that is not bound anywhere. His IQ, which is so human with his way of thinking and mind, is 150. There’s nothing he can’t do but care about the weather. It is expected that Song Kang, the “trend” who has swept the small screen with his outspoken charm, will burst into acting potential that he has never seen before with his first challenge.

Yoon Park will be decomposed into Han Ki-joon, a notification officer at the Korea Meteorological Administration’s spokesman’s office, and will return as an elite character. The logical standard of appearance is also a persuasive figure. When he was a rookie, he was scouted to the spokesman’s office as he fluently expressed the reasons why he was struggling. However, after living as a model student for the rest of his life, he has a weak tolerance to failure. The birth of a character that stands out for Yoon Park’s neat and smart charm is expected.

Lastly, “Chae Yu-jin,” played by Yura, is a daily weather reporter. He joined the media company imagining a cool image of sending articles through the scene of the scoop, but Eugene was assigned to the “Weather and Life Team. At first, it was boring, but it became affectionate to the Korea Meteorological Administration, which has endless weather and accidents. The fresh character is expected to be completed by adding Yura’s rich and bubbly charm to the role of a reporter with clear likes and dislikes and no middle ground.

“We’re going to start shooting soon with our first script practice,” the production team said. The production team is also looking forward to what synergy the perfect combination of songwriters will create. “We will prepare for this summer and visit the small screen with my best work.” ‘The Korea Meteorological Administration People’ will air on JTBC in the first half of next year.

[Jin Hyang-hee, Star Today reporter]
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