‘Red Shoes’ Choi Myung-gil X So Yi-hyun, still cuts released… coldness vs sadness

Actors Choi Myung-gil and So Yi-hyun will present a revenge play between mother and daughter through “Red Shoes.”

KBS2’s new daily drama “Red Shoes” (playwright Hwang Soon-young, director Park Ki-hyun, and production OH Story), which are scheduled to air at 7:50 p.m. on July 5, unveiled still cuts facing each other, raising questions about each character’s story.

“Red Shoes” tells the story of a heartless mother who left in search of love and desire while turning a blind eye to her blood for her success and her daughter who fell into an unstoppable bond of desire with revenge against her.

In the play, Choi Myung-gil plays Min Hee-kyung, who unfolds her pent-up desire for the true life of “I.” Min Hee-kyung is a person who shows off her enterprising and confident charisma at the same time by all means for her success. So Yi-hyun plays Kim Jemma, who crosses good and evil to avenge her mother Min Hee-kyung (Choi Myung-gil). In particular, unlike her cheerful and bright appearance, she is a character with a deep and chaotic abyss, including childhood pain.

The still released on the 21st (today) draws attention as it contains the conflicting atmosphere of Choi Myung-gil and So Yi-hyun facing each other. First of all, Choi Myung-gil clearly reveals her dignity and prestige as a good shoemaker in an antique outfit and upright posture. Above all, the cold-sinking expression gives us an idea of Min Hee-kyung’s strong yet cool side.

On the other hand, So Yi-hyun’s eyes, which have indescribable emotions, can feel the complex fluctuating psychology of the character. In the past, the two reunited again after their blood ties broke, raising questions about what they might have about each other.

The production team of “Red Shoes” said, “Choi Myung-gil and So Yi-hyun were perfectly embodied with their characters in the drama from the first shooting.” From detailed emotional acting, which immerse the mother and daughter in the situation in an instant despite the difficult setting, to delicate control of strength and weakness, it gave a shudder that kept them breathless. “In addition, please check the unique chemistry between the two, who will gradually reveal their multifaceted charm through ‘red shoes’

Min Hee-kyung and Kim Gemma, who have lived for such different years, are looking forward to the first episode of what secrets and desires they will hide, and the twisted mother-daughter relationship between Choi Myung-gil and So Yi-hyun, who have explosive acting skills, will give the viewers catharsis.

Meanwhile, “Red Shoes” is a collaboration between Hwang Soon-young, a master of daily dramas such as “Ruby Ring” and “Cuckoo’s Nest,” and director Park Ki-hyun, who directed “Only Walk on the Flower Road,” which will premiere at 7:50 p.m. on July 5.

[Star Today reporter Kim So-yeon]

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