‘Song Min-ho’s Pilot’ official poster released

tvN’s new entertainment program ‘Song Min-ho’s Pilot’ has released its official poster and drew attention.

‘Song Min-ho’s Pilot’ (directed by Na Young-seok, Jo Eun-jin) is a program that shows off his charms like his eight colors based on the keywords that represent Song Min-ho, who is active in various fields such as singer, painter, and entertainer. Four keywords that penetrate Song Min-ho are selected, and related content is expected to be drawn anew for a month.

In the released official poster, the unique and fresh concept of ‘Song Min-ho’s pilot’ is well revealed and catches the eye. Keywords representing Song Min-ho drawn with question marks in the poster are still in the veil, raising curiosity. Accordingly, expectations are increasing for the poster and program theme that will be released sequentially every week from the 25th.

In addition, the phrase ‘You choose!’ in the poster also draws attention by revealing the charm of ‘Song Min-ho’s pilot’ well. As it was announced earlier that ‘Song Min-ho’s Pilot’ would be regularized by selecting the theme that received the greatest love through the viewers’ selection, it is important to know what kind of charm Song Min-ho will show in the future and which theme will receive the most love from viewers is noticed

In the first broadcast to be released on the 25th, it is said that Song Min-ho, who is known to suffer from insomnia, tries various ways to get a good night’s sleep to find the most effective way to sleep. In the teaser video released earlier, there are scenes where PD Na Young-seok is chopping onions at the bedside of Song Min-ho, while his grandmother reads the lyrics of a song, etc.

Meanwhile, the full version of ‘Song Minho’s Pilot’ will be released on YouTube’s ‘Channel Fifteen Nights’ after the broadcast as a 5-minute program. It will premiere on tvN on the 25th.

[Shin Young-eun, Star Today reporter]

photo ㅣ tvN

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