Yumi “I am happy with the title of ‘King of Mask Singer… I have courage'”

‘King of Mask Singer’ Yumi. Provided by MBC

Behind-the-scenes stories of “King of Mask Singer” and “Emerald of May” Yumi have been released.

Emerald in May, who won three consecutive wins in MBC’s “King of Mask Singer” over numerous talented singers with her all-time singing ability and charming voice, took off her mask by giving up her position as the king of singers on the show on the 20th. The main character, who captivated viewers with his explosive sensibility, listened to her three-week-long thoughts and behind-the-scenes stories as singer Yumi.

Q1. As soon as you became king, you cried a lot. What does “King of Mask Singer” mean to singer Yumi?

Yumi: I had mixed feelings at the time. I thought, “Did this really happen to me?” And I experienced for the first time that I couldn’t talk even if I liked people so much. As I get older, the stage where I can stand is disappearing. I was so surprised and thrilled that such a great opportunity came to me. My song received a lot of love. Even though it’s been 20 years, it’s a burden. I wanted to win a new title. I was so thankful that I was able to win the title of “King of Singer” in “King of Mask Singer”. I think the masked singer gave me an opportunity to burn my passion as a singer.

Q2. As a hint of stagnation, you made a phone call with actor Kim Jong-un, who was found to be close to Kim Jong-un at the time. What was the reaction of Kim Jong-un and other acquaintances and family members after becoming the king?

Yumi: Kim Jong-un loved me being king. My sister is in Hong Kong, and every time we talk on the phone, she says, “How did it go? I’m not going to tell my brother-in-law, so just tell her!” She was curious about the results. Actress Kim Ah-joong, who’s been close to the entertainment industry, was thankful for cheering me on even though I was filming. And I don’t have an agency or manager, so my mother accompanied me to every recording. My mother was the first one to congratulate me and was happy. When I was in the waiting room with my mother, I put her in the king’s seat. We hugged each other and said, “It’s so nice. You did a great job.
I once said, ‘You worked really hard.’ I’d like to say thank you so much to everyone who supported me.

Q3. He has won three consecutive games, beating many powerful players including Lee Eun-ha and Jeon In-hyuk. What’s the most memorable challenger while continuing to win three games in a row?

Yumi: I remember Lee Eunha the most. When we heard the first verse of the first round duet performance, Oh, you’re a senior. I did. In the 2nd round, Cho Sung Hyuk sang ‘Change’. I got goosebumps. While watching the 3rd round performance, I got up from the king’s seat, danced, and enjoyed it as if I was watching a performance. Listening to her songs, I was shocked and respectful that she could fill the stage with that sound even at that age. It was an honor to compete with Lee Eunha. I even thought it would be an honor to give you a king.

Q4. What’s changed before and after becoming king?

Yumi: There was a lot of talk about my shortcomings in other audition programs, but since it’s an evaluation session, I get a lot of malicious comments. But after winning the title on “King of Mask Singer”, there were no malicious comments and a lot of good stories. I think I should sing harder while watching them cheer me on. And now that we have the title, I have the courage to do everything in the future. I’m so happy and thankful that I’m able to go one step further as a person who can sing with fun through “King of Mask Singer”.

Q5. What plans or aspirations do you have as a singer?

Yumi: I want to live as a performing singer, so I’m doing a concert every month, and now I’m preparing for a new song. From now on, I will grow into a ‘performance singer’ who can run and sing like crazy in outside performances with the good energy I received from ‘King of Mask Singer’. I hope to see you at the concert hall soon, and please show a lot of interest in our new song.

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