‘Afternoon Hope’ BamBam and Yugyeom revealed #new song #GOT7 #Park Jinyoung

Group GOT7’s BamBam and Yugyeom showed off their fantastic chemistry with their cool talks.

MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin-young’s Afternoon Hope (hereinafter ‘Afternoon Hope’)” which aired on the 22nd, featured GOT7 BamBam and Yugyeom as guests. DJ Kim Shin-young introduced the two, saying, “GOT7’s youngest line and world star came out.”

Kim Shin-young said, “The two people moved the company. Yugyeom joined AOMG and BamBam went to the place where Urban Zakapa belonged. Tell me why you’re with the company now.”

Yugyeom said, “I grew up listening to AOMG music since I was young. “The direction and style that I like were well matched,” he said, explaining why he moved to the company. “When I listened to her solo album, I thought she went home safely,” Kim said with a smile.

“We had a lot of meetings. Among them, I liked the answer of our company Abyss Company. I asked Sunmi how it was to be in the same agency as her, and she recommended it well. I can work in a good environment.”

The two showed their unwavering affection for GOT7 members. When Kim Shin-young asked, “Do you know that GOT7 is starring two people?” BamBam and Yugyeom said, “You probably don’t know. He was probably sleeping. “I’m sure it’s starting to happen now. “Then send a video letter to the members,” Kim said.

Yugyeom said to Youngjae, “Thank you for watching our music shows and posting them on our stories. “I’m doing a musical, don’t get sick all the time and stay healthy.” “I’ll do it to Mark who’s far away. I don’t know if you’re doing well, but you look happy on Instagram. Let’s hurry up and clean up and come to Korea and have a drink.”

There was also a story about the new song. Kim Shin-young said about BamBam’s new song ‘Ribbon’ is lovely. “It goes well with BamBam’s color.”

“There were a lot of unexpected responses, so I’m glad,” BamBam said. BamBam released his solo album “ribbon” on the 15th. The title song “Ribbon” features an easy and addictive melody line and hopeful lyrics, capturing BamBam’s bright and lovely energy.

Kim Shin-young also mentioned Yugyeom’s “It’s Your Fault.” Yugyeom released his first solo album “Point of View: U” on the 17th. The title song “Feat. GRAY” is a song with trendy beats, written and composed by Yugyeom and Gray.

When Kim Shin-young asked, “Didn’t you feel burdened with the new song?” Yugyeom replied, “I had more fun learning than pressure.” Kim Shin-young said, “I think the album expresses that I really want to be good at music.”

Kim Shin-young also wondered if there was any feedback on Park Jin-young about the new song.

“There was no feedback about this album,” Yugyeom said. “But he said, ‘If you do it as sincerely as you have done so far, you will do well.'” BamBam said, “I haven’t heard from him since the album came out, but I drank with Park Jin-young, and he told me to include it in this album after listening to ‘Under the Sky’.” So I put it in this album. “I can’t ignore such things,” Park said, expressing his respect for Park. Yugyeom drew laughter by telling Park Jin-young to contact me and BamBam.
Kim Shin-young laughed, saying, “It’s because Park Jin-young is busy.”

“I want to be a singer for a long time,” said the pair, who are on a new path at their new agency. I wish I could be active 10 years later. “After 10 years, I want to repay my fans.”

[Reporter Jae-eun Kim, Star Today intern]

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