April “Lee Hyun-joo, accused us of criminals… I want to receive an apology”

Hyunjoo Lee. Photo|DSP Media

April, a group embroiled in allegations of bullying of former member Lee Hyun-joo, rather claimed that they were victims.

On the 22nd, Sports Kyunghyang released April members Kim Chae-won, Lee Na-eun, Yang Ye-na and Lee Jin-sol’s diaries and psychotherapy records. April has virtually suspended all activities due to rumors of discord within the team that surfaced in February due to Lee Hyun-joo’s younger brother’s revelation.

Earlier on the 13th, Lee Na-eun’s biological sister, A, released Lee Na-eun’s past diary on her Instagram to deny allegations of bullying by her younger brother, which faced a backlash. In the diary released, “I hate myself so much,” “I don’t want to say anything. I want to die,” “It’s hard. I’m lonely. I’m just trash,” but the back page, which you can check if you reverse the original diary from side to side, caused controversy by saying, “I hope it disappears from my eyes.”

In a related development, the media said that Lee Hyun-joo’s diary in February 2016 contained articles complaining of suffering from Lee Hyun-joo’s neglect of practice, lies, and double actions. In addition, the psychological counseling paper received by Lee Na-eun and Kim Chae-won at the time said that the name of one person in common was written and that they were “tired and wanted to die.”

April. Photo|Star Today DB

April members claimed in interviews that they were often accused of being criminals when they were with Lee Hyun-joo in the past. They said that Lee Hyun-joo pointed to the youngest Lee Jin-sol, who used to share a room, as the culprit, saying that 100,000 won was missing, and that she stole the goods by claiming that the 5,000 won practice clothes were her pants.

“We looked at the CCTV in the accommodation, but I couldn’t find such circumstances, and eventually the members even wrote initials and numbers on their personal items and underwear.” The members said that Lee Hyun-joo always had to be treated as a criminal because he went to the company and talked without telling them directly when such a situation happened. In the meantime, they claimed that they did not bully Lee Hyun-joo, but that Lee Hyun-joo framed them.

The members also complained that they took good care of Lee Hyun-joo, who was always sick and fell into practice. In February 2016, before leaving, she threw a birthday party for Lee Hyun-joo’s birthday as a surprise, and Lee Hyun-joo said she wore the shoes she received as a gift to KBS2 idol survival program “The Unit,” asking, “If I were the perpetrator who assaulted her, would I have worn them on the air?”

Finally, the members expressed their painful feelings, saying they want to be apologized by Lee Hyun-joo, who gave April the label of “bullying group,” adding, “Everything we’ve tried for seven years has gone up in smoke, and our families are being criticized and suffering greatly.”

The controversy surrounding Lee Hyun-joo and April erupted in February when a younger brother posted an article on the online community claiming that “Lee Hyun-joo withdrew a year after April’s debut in 2016 because of bullying and bullying in the team.”

Later, Lee Hyun-joo said on her SNS that bullying continued from 2014 to 2016, when she was preparing for her debut, and claimed that there were assaults, verbal abuse, and personal attacks on her family. In response, the agency DSP Media took legal action, calling it “groundless,” and Na Eun, Jin Sol, and Chae Won posted a series of lengthy posts and stressed that they did not bully Lee Hyun-joo.

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Star Today]

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