‘Bossam’ breaks the record for the highest number of views on the wave

MBN drama “Bossam: Steal the Fate” proved its hot popularity with its best performance on OTT Wave. SBS’ Penthouse Season 3 topped the weekly wave drama chart for two consecutive weeks.

MBN’s original wave content “Bossam: Steal the Fate” is very popular. In addition to recording the highest ratings ever for MBN dramas, she also broke the record by ranking second on the Wave Drama Chart in the third week.
Expectations are high on whether “Bossam: Steal the Fate,” which has four episodes left until the end of the show, will be able to achieve another viewing time.

Last week’s episode of Penthouse Season 3 revealed the terrible past that Baek Joon-ki (On Ju-wan) was actually Joo Dan-tae (Uhm Ki-joon) and Joo Dan-tae killed Baek’s parents and stole all his assets. Viewers’ attention was focused on the faster development and interesting double-track than the first or second episodes.

KBS2’s weekend drama “Revolutionary Sisters” reached the top 3 with a 36% increase in viewing time compared to the previous week. The ranking of “Revolutionary Sisters”, which used to be in the middle of the average wave drama chart, is the highest since its airing, and the TV ratings have also exceeded 30 percent.

In the last episode of “Revolutionary Sisters”, Lee Kwang-sik (played by Jeon Hye-bin) notified Han Ye-seul (played by Kim Kyung-nam) of the breakup by text message, giving viewers “first mental breakdown” and Han Ye-seul (played by Lee Byung-joon) touching Oh Bong-ja (played by Lee Bo-hee)’s head.

Meanwhile, SBS’ “Running Man” still maintained its lead title despite Lee Kwang-soo’s departure on the entertainment chart. In “Running Man” last week, Yoo Jae-seok, who was playing the game, cut off Lee Kwang-soo’s phone call as soon as he received it, drawing laughter from viewers.

MBC’s “Point of Omniscient Interfere,” starring Brave Girls, also rose a notch in the ranking of the entertainment charts. It is analyzed that the music video set of Brave Girls’ new song “Chi Mat Ba Ram” was first released, drawing attention from users.

SBS’s “The Tale of the Day Season 2” broke its own record again this week, rising the viewing time following its highest viewing time on Wave last week. Last week, “The Tale of the Day” shed light on the Itaewon murder case and told the world the truth of the day.

In addition, the viewing time of Channel A’s “Steel Unit,” which is set to end, and SBS’ “Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant,” which has been on the rise recently with Geum Sae-rok joining as MC, rose slightly compared to the previous week.

[Sung Jeong-eun, Star Today reporter]

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