Daniel Henney, “My friend’s mother adopted me” during a puppy I met in ‘Upgle Man’

Actor Daniel Henney revealed that he is temporarily protecting the Golden Retriever he met in ‘Upgrade Man’.

Daniel Henney posted on Instagram on the 21st, “If you’ve watched ‘Upgrade Man’, you must have been curious about the fate of a golden retriever who resembles a mango.” “I couldn’t stop thinking about that friend too, and this time in Korea. When I went, with the help of an animal protection group, I was able to help (this puppy) come to the United States as a mobile service. And I am currently under temporary protection until I meet the adoptee.”

He added, “Her name is Rosie…my best friend’s mother adopted her to become a family with her. I am so excited for Rosie’s new life to start here. Thank you for always watching and supporting me.”

Daniel Henney met Rosie through the tvN entertainment program ‘Upgrade Man’, which was broadcast in April. Daniel Henney, who saw Rosie at the shelter for abandoned dogs at the time, looked at him for a long time, remembering Mango, the first dog that had been given a rainbow bridge three years ago. Mango had special affection as Daniel Henney rescued him from a dog farm and stayed with him until his death, and he brought tears to his eyes as he recalled mango through Rosie.

When Daniel Henney’s article was published, netizens responded, “It went really well”, “Congratulations on being adopted,” etc.

[Star Today reporter Kim So-yeon]

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