‘Don’t Touch Me’ Attorney Kim Young-sang “The more hard you respond to bullying, the less retaliation”

Lawyer Kim Young-sang introduced how to respond to school violence.

On the 22nd, tvN STORY entertainment program “Don’t Touch Me” pre-released a video titled “How to Respond to School Violence” #School Violence Committee #Remember It★” that everyone needs to know.

When Song Eun-yi asked in the video, “How much school violence occurs a year,” lawyer Kim Young-sang said, “There are about 30,000 formal school violence committees held a year.”

When Jang Young-ran asked, “Do the victims often transfer schools?” lawyer Kim explained, “The victims want to start from a new place.”

Song Eun-yi said, “Actually, the range that adults can do is ambiguous,” and asked how much intervention is needed in school violence.

Attorney Kim Young-sang said, “The entry of the student record has become an important element of entrance examination. That’s why when we hold a school violence committee, the perpetrator becomes nervous.”

When Jang Young-ran asked, “If you open a school violence committee, will the perpetrator enlighten you?” lawyer Kim said, “I will be careful.” The victim student may be afraid that the perpetrator will retaliate again. “However, the stronger we respond, the less you expect retaliation,” Kim advised an active response.

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

Photo ㅣ Captured from tvN STORY ‘Don’t Touch Me’
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