Former Attorney Ki Seong-yong “Resigned due to health problems… Believe in innocence” [Full text]

Lawyer Song Sang-yeop of Seopyeong, a law firm that suddenly stopped defending Ki Sung-yong (32, FC Seoul), a former member of the national team who was embroiled in allegations of sexual assault, announced his position. Song resigned over health issues and said he had no doubt Ki Seong-yong was innocent.

Lawyer Song Sang-yeop said in a press release on the 22nd, “My health has deteriorated to the point that my blood sugar level on an empty stomach exceeds 200.” “We made this decision based on the judgment that it was difficult to proceed smoothly with Ki Seong-yong, and we also conveyed the situation to Ki Sung-yueng,” he said, expressing his intention to resign.

“The reason why we distributed the press release even though we stepped down from the case was because we felt the need to point out the unscrupulous media play of Park Ji-hoon, a lawyer of the law firm representing the other party,” he explained.

Lawyer Song presents a precedent that “expressing their opinions to express their position does not constitute defamation or insult,” and expresses his apologies to Ki Seong-yong, who has not been able to help to the end. “I hope Ki Seong-yong’s innocence will be revealed.”

Earlier in February, C and D, former soccer players, revealed that they were sexually assaulted by two seniors, including A, in January to June 2000, while they were in a soccer club at an elementary school in South Jeolla Province. Mr. C and Mr. D did not reveal the real name of the player A, and explained that he was “a star player from the national team who recently joined a prestigious club in the Seoul metropolitan area. Since then, Ki Sung-yueng has been named player A.

Ki Seong-yong pleaded innocent at a press conference on Feb. 27. He later filed a lawsuit against C and D and filed a lawsuit against them for damages of 500 million won. Ki Seong-yong was questioned at Seocho Police Station in Seoul on March 31 as a complainant.

Meanwhile, Ki Seong-yong married actress Han Hye-jin, who is eight years older, in 2013 and had a daughter.

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I’m Song Sang-yeop, a lawyer at the law firm Book Review.

Recently, Ki Seong-yong expressed his intention to resign due to worsening diabetes, a chronic disease. He made this decision because his health deteriorated to the point where his empty blood sugar level exceeded 200, making it difficult to proceed smoothly with Ki Seong-yong’s replacement, and he also conveyed the situation to Ki. I still believe in Ki’s innocence and have no doubt.

However, I, who stepped down from the case, distributed the press release because I felt the need to point out the unscrupulous media play of Park Ji-hoon, a lawyer of the law firm representing the other party.

I met Park Ji-hoon, a lawyer who has been engaged in a dispute, in person ahead of his resignation. In the course of the lawsuit, which had to be confronted on a fact-based basis, there was a fierce battle between each other, but I don’t think we need to blush until after our resignation, so I’m sorry if there was anything upsetting. I wish I could shake it off. “Relax your mind,” he said. The complainant’s legitimate complaint about the delay in the investigation (request for the replacement of the competent police station) was also asked to drop the complaint and file a civil suit against the agent.

Immediately after the meeting, an article with “exclusive” appeared on the Internet. According to the article, lawyer Park Ji-hoon said in a phone call with the reporter, “Lawyer Ki Seong-yong said ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I’m sorry’.” Just as the post-war context was cut off and the lawyer resigned due to a great weakness in Ki, the reader of the article played a clever media game with room for misunderstanding and misreading.

Lawyer Park Ji-hoon, if you are a lawyer dealing with the law, please play fair and square based on “fact” and “ground,” not media play and incitement. There is no “decisive evidence” that you have mentioned several times, and in the end, all you have shown so far is a disturbance without substance. The only reasonable deduction is the conclusion that there is no ‘decisive evidence’.

Lawyer Park Ji-hoon is making a mess of the lawsuit by exploiting the accusation and litigation system by embarrassing not only the other lawyer but also the reporter and his media company who wrote the article against him. That’s the case that lawyer Park Ji-hoon filed against a reporter and his media company in the name of the client (2021 Gadahn 5109779). It’s not that other lawyers don’t know how much stress a non-lawmaker who’s not used to litigation will get from the lawsuit, and that it’s an act that forces the media to cringe when writing an article against him.

I was also sued and sued in the name of the client by lawyer Park Ji-hoon while representing the player Ki’s case. He took issue with the complainant’s sudden request to replace the police station, which is ready for the investigation, as “delayed investigation.” Lawyer Park Ji-hoon has stressed the purpose of public interest, saying he will stop the inheritance of sexual violence in the sports community, and has been shouting for a complaint that he will be investigated as soon as possible. Lawyer Park Ji-hoon has said that he knows the content of the complaint, saying, “Why is Ki so slow?”

Then, they agreed to be investigated at Seocho Police Station in early April, but the investigation team gave them a chance to testify, saying they didn’t see the complaint, and suddenly asked them to change the office to another police station that was not ready for the investigation in May. I would like to ask if it is unfair to raise the “delay of investigation” issue over this contradictory attitude.

The court ruled, “It is hard to say that arguing the circumstances of the matter from your point of view while countering the other party’s unilateral claim regarding the case is intended to insult or defame the other party.” (2016 or 2061366 rulings, Supreme Court 2018.10.30 sentencing to the same effect. 2014: 61654 en banc rulings, etc.

In other words, in the course of a legal battle over issues that attract public attention, interviews containing unilateral claims of the other party are reported, and later each other’s expression of opinion to express their position is not defamation or insult.

If Park Ji-hoon is a lawyer who acts according to the law, I recommend you to look at this “law” again. Once again, I apologize to Ki Sung-yueng, who couldn’t help until the end, and hope that Ki’s innocence will be revealed.

June 22, 2021

[Shin Young-eun, Star Today reporter]

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