‘How Do You Play?’ Korea’s favorite TV show, tops the list for two months in a row

‘How Do You Play?’ has been on a roll, topping the list of Korean favorite TV programs for two consecutive months.

Gallup Korea asked 1,001 people over the age of 18 nationwide from June 15 to 16 about their favorite TV programs these days (two free answers), and MBC entertainment program ‘How Do You Play?’ topped the list of Korean favorite TV programs in June 2021, with 7.2 percent preference. Gallup Korea has been researching and presenting its favorite TV program every month since January 2013, and ‘How Do You Play?’ was ranked first for two consecutive months following last month’s 7.7 percent.

Also, according to the Good Data Corporation, a TV hotspot analysis agency, ‘What’s the point of playing?’ topped the list of non-drama TV topics for the third week of June, and also topped the list for the second consecutive week in the non-drama category on Saturday.

The number one non-drama cast is also Na-eol. The appearance of Na-eol, a character not easily seen in entertainment shows, drew keen public attention to Na-eol and Yoo Ya-ho’s chemistry. In addition, it ranked first in the number of views and VON posts in the non-drama category, showing its power to play.

‘How Do You Play?’ ranked No. 1 in the non-drama category for the third week of June, recording 7.1% (part 2, Nielsen Korea metropolitan area), a major indicator of advertising officials and a key indicator of channel competitiveness. What’s the point of having fun?’ has swept the top of the list of viewership, topic, and emotional TV program preference indicators, further strengthening its unrivaled position as a popular program for the public.

‘How Do You Play?’ is loved by Yoo Jae-seok, a regular cast member, for establishing ‘YOO NIVERSE’ through various projects based on relays and extensions. On the 19th, Yoo Yaho was the M.O. of “MSG Wannabe” M.O.M’ and ‘Jung Sang-gi’ were directed by composer Park Geun-tae and Naul & Young-jun, respectively, showing off their ecstatic tones. Attention is focusing on what kind of ultimate harmony will bring to the top of the list of so-called “God Geun-tae” composers and “Brown Eyed Soul” by Na-eol & Young-joon, who swept the domestic music charts.

In a surprise spoiler live broadcast on the official YouTube channel on the 17th, about 40,000 viewers watched it simultaneously in 30 minutes, saying, “‘How Do You Play?’ boasts explosive popularity and buzz. On the 26th, the broadcast will unveil a live communication site that includes the selection of fan nicknames and the stage of active songs.

Meanwhile, what do you do when you play on MBC’s representative entertainment show?’, ‘I Live Alone’, ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’, ‘Radio Star’ and ‘King of Mask Singer’ were ranked at the top of the non-drama category on TV in the third week of June. MBC also topped the list of non-drama broadcasters, proving the potential of MBC entertainment programs.

[Star Today reporter Kim So-yeon]

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