Jang Chul-joon successfully completed his first fan meeting… ‘Voice King’ proves popularity & skill

Jang Chul-joon. Courtesy|Yoon Story Entertainment

Singer Jang Chul-joon, who proved his skills with “Voice King,” held his first fan meeting and met his fans.

Jang Chul-joon held his first fan meeting at Hongdae Salon Moonbow on the 19th. The fan meeting was arranged to thank fans for their love through MBN’s “Voice King,” and Ahn Yul, who joined “Miss Trot” Doo-ri, Boy Hood Nam Dong-hyun and “Voice King,” attended the event.

The fan meeting was held in the form of a mini concert, and not only Jang Chul-joon but also the guests’ performances were decorated in a variety of ways.
Jang Chul-joon, who appeared after guest Ahn Yul opened the opening stage with “Dumba Doomba” and “The Bright Light in That Flower,” greeted fans with “My Way” and sang his digital single album “To Love Longer” to touch the scene.

Jang Chul-joon. Courtesy|Yoon Story Entertainment

Also, Jang Chul-joon’s first round song, “Voice King,” “No.” It gave fans an unforgettable time by presenting various performances such as “No” and “O Sole Mlo,” semi-final songs “Father,” encore songs “One Fine Day in October,” and “Volare.”

Jang Cheol-joon said through his agency, “First~!! The word “first fan meeting” always makes my heart flutter. Thank you so much for coming unexpectedly. “It was a more exciting and nervous moment than any other performance, and I was able to finish it well thanks to all of you.”

“I will do my best to make sincere and sincere music with my first mindset. I will try to be a musician who keeps going forward.”

Meanwhile, Jang Chul-joon has emerged as a “talent” in the popular music industry beyond vocal music with overwhelming dominance, as he was the only one to receive perfect scores from the audience evaluation team in “Voice King.” He was impressed by his hot performance in the semi-finals of “Voice King,” which aired on the 15th.

Jang Chul-joon. Courtesy|Yoon Story Entertainment

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