Lee Chan-won, Daegu concert successful… “I promise to meet you again in my hometown”

Trot singer Lee Chan-won expressed his impressions of successfully completing the ‘Mr. Trot’ concert in his hometown Daegu.

On the 21st, Lee Chan-won posted on his Instagram, “Mr. Trot Daegu concert has been successfully completed! It was a happier moment because it was a concert in my hometown that I had been waiting for so long.” He added, “I promise to hold a concert in my hometown where we will meet again~♥♥♥ #Happiness #JangMinho #Really #Handsome #Chance #I love you.”

In the published photo, Lee Chan-won is backstage wearing an all-white suit and staring at the camera. Behind, Jang Min-ho, wearing a light purple jacket, drew attention with a mischievous expression.

Jang Min-ho, who saw this, said, “Did you sleep? lol” and Chan-won Lee said, “The Daegu concert is over, but it still feels like a dream. I saw it yesterday and I want to see you soon… See you tomorrow~♥♥”

Meanwhile, the ‘Mr. Trot’ TOP6 concert, which had been postponed and canceled for a year and a half due to Corona 19 (new coronavirus infection), resumed. In addition to Daegu, we plan to meet fans in areas where consultations with concert venues have been completed, such as Gwangju, Seoul, Cheongju, Busan, and Goyang.

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

photo| Chanwon Lee SNS
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