Lee Chun-soo’s exclusive contract, ‘Spotainer’ in partnership with DH Entertainment

Lee Chun-soo and Hyun Young-min, “the main players of the 2002 World Cup semi-final myth,” have joined the K-content group that combines sports and entertainment.

DH Entertainment said on the 22nd, “We recently signed an exclusive contract with Lee Chun-soo, Hyun Young-min, and ‘Answer Girl’ Kim Soo-jung. We will provide active support to show more diverse charms through various channels and contents.”

Lee Chun-soo is recently opening his second heyday by appearing in various entertainment programs, including KBS2’s “The Return of Superman” and SBS’s “Goal Girl”. He is also the chairman of the Korea Football Association’s social contribution committee and is engaged in various activities through soccer.

Hyun Young-min also appeared on SBS’ “All The Butlers” and showed off his extraordinary talk, and is currently meeting viewers as JTBC soccer commentators through MBC and SPOTV.

As he has been active in various entertainment and online contents recently, Lee Chun-soo and Hyun Young-min are expected to continue their active activities under DH Entertainment’s professional management.

This is not the only one. DH Entertainment has also joined hands with Kim Soo-jung, known as the “Answer Girl,” who has previously been active on KBS2’s “Star Golden Bell,” to take full steps as a comprehensive entertainment company. Kim Soo-jung is also planning to greet in various ways in the future.

DH Entertainment is a new company headed by CEO Kim Dae-joon, a former youth soccer representative of the youth standing army and a career in the record management industry with Brown Eyed Girl, Jeon Hye-bin, Fly to the Sky, and DSP public relations manager. His relationship and loyalty with Lee Chun-soo since he was a player led to a new step.

In addition, director Kim Chul-ho, who participated in the production of programs such as JTBC Golf’s “Legend Big Match” and YouTube content “Gundas Rega,” will join DH Entertainment to add strength to the production of differentiated contents.

DH Entertainment is determined to open a new paradigm by combining the passion of sports, the rich sentiment of music, and the fun of content.

CEO Kim Dae-joon said, “We will do our best to become DH Entertainment, which can share dreams, hopes and passion with the public beyond sports and entertainment.” “I ask you to keep an eye out for me with affectionate interest and expectations.”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Star Today]

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