‘Naked World History’ reveal the truth of America’s Beloved President Lincoln

It’s the 16th trip on tvN’s “Naked World History” and it’s time to delve into Lincoln.

In the 16th episode of tvN’s “Naked World History” (Kim Hyung-oh, Lee Yoon-ho), which will air on the 22nd, Professor Kim Bong-joong, who teaches students at Chonnam National University’s history department, will be a lecturer. Professor Kim Bong-joong has six years of experience in teaching American history at San Diego Private University in the U.S. and is renowned as a lecturer who teaches only the core of complex U.S. history. Professor Kim will give a lecture on Abraham Lincoln, who said he was the one who stole my heart.

To bare Lincoln, who leads the victory of the American Civil War and the liberation of slaves, and is called the symbol of freedom and peace. Lincoln is also considered one of the most beloved presidents of Americans. “Naked World History” introduces conflicting evaluations of Lincoln, including criticism that he was a hero who freed black slaves, duplicity that he opposed slavery, and use it for the cause of war.

It also takes time to look at racism that has not ended since Lincoln’s liberation from slavery. It is expected to be a trip to world history that answers questions about the inconvenient truth surrounding racism and the background of Lincoln, from the lives of black people who have become legally equal but have not changed their actual lives, to collective lynch cases, and black-and-white racial segregation.

Tyler, who is called an American who speaks Korean better than Koreans, and Carson, an American who boasts 15 years of Korean life, will be on the show as a travel mate. Tyler and Carson will share views on the behind-the-scenes and universal image of Lincoln as an American, as well as on the behind-the-scenes story of American attractions.

Meanwhile, tvN’s “Naked World History” is a program that looks around the world with MC Eun Ji-won, Kyu-hyun, and Lee Hye-sung, looking at attractions of each country, and digging into the history of the world that we didn’t know from various perspectives. Experts will take part as instructors in each session and have a variety of themes and characters covering the East and West, and take time to understand and enjoy world history based on deep knowledge. It airs every Tuesday night at 10:30 p.m.

[Shin Young-eun, Star Today reporter]

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