Park Ki-woong’s 14 works will be presented as ‘Art Edition’

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Actor and artist Park Ki-woong will present ‘Art Edition’ to the public with WeArt.

WeArt, a popular art brand, is the number one art brand in Korea, providing all services related to painting from famous paintings to abstract paintings and modern art. It is a company that is famous for taking the lead in introducing various and reasonably priced artworks to the general public. 

WeArt is presenting works of various genres under the theme of ‘Art Edition’ centering on celebrity artists who have had an impact on the public, have excelled in the art field, and have been recognized for their artistry and originality at the same time. With the intention of “providing the joy and happiness of everyday life through special works of art” to the exhausted public, artist Park Ki-woong was invited to this WeArt ‘Star Artist Art Edition’.

The ‘Art Edition’, in which a total of 14 of Park Ki-woong’s works are performed exclusively at WeArt’s online shop (, is exclusively sold in limited editions in limited quantities per work.

The works for sale will consist of works carefully selected by Park Ki-woong, including ‘ego3’ and ‘ego.origin’, the ‘Ego’ series, which won the ‘Phase of Korean Painting Exhibition’ in March.

WeArt Curator Park Ki-woong’s work, which reflects human emotions through the genre of ‘figure painting’ and reinterprets it in his own style to express it in depth, was impressive. He expressed his gratitude and appreciation for being able to introduce Park Ki-woong’s work to the public.

The ‘Art Edition’ with Park Ki-woong and WeArt will be available at the WeArt Online Shop from the 23rd. Meanwhile, artist Ki-woong Park will meet the public through the second solo exhibition at L7 Myeong-dong until the 25th.

[Jin Hyang-hee, Star Today reporter]
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