‘The Devil Judge’ Kim Min-jung “I can’t put all of Jeong Sun-ah in the word “villain”

Attention is focusing on Kim Min-jung’s acting transformation, which is divided into Jeong Sun-ah, a wicked woman who controls dystopia.

In tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “The Devil Judge” (playwright Moon Yoo-seok/director Choi Jung-kyu/production Studio Dragon, Studio & New), Kim Min-jung will take on the role of Jeong Sun-ah, a standing director of the Foundation for Social Responsibility, and will be in front of viewers.

With the unique setting of a virtual dystopia Korea, Jeong Sun-ah (played by Kim Min-jung), who secretly controls the world, is drawing keen attention by revealing Kim Min-jung (played by Jeong Sun-ah) about the mysterious character Jeong Sun-ah.

Kim Min-jung said that she decided to appear in “The Devil Judge” because she was attracted to Jeong Sun-ah’s charm. “It’s a new character that I’ve never seen before, so I got greedy as an actor,” she said, recalling the moment when she first met the character, “I’ve been playing various characters, but Jeong Sun-ah is an interesting character the more she acts. It’s very interesting,” she said, expressing her affectionate curiosity.

In particular, Kim Min-jung, who has made her character special with her deep experience in each work, makes me wonder what kind of focus she wants to put on Jung Sun-ah, a deadly attractive evil girl.

In response, Kim Min-jung said, “No matter what character I play, the focus of my acting is to win sympathy from viewers.” “It is expressed in the word evil woman, but I want to express Jeong Sun-ah in various ways and convey it to viewers.” This shows Kim Min-jung’s heavy conviction in dealing with the work.

In addition, Kim Min-jung is also paying a lot of attention to the visual aspects of this work, as the styling that highlights the villain character is becoming the main focus of drama fans. “I wanted to show my ambition and ambivalence through styling. I had a lot of discussions with my stylist to capture the narrative in fashion. “I hope it will be delivered well to the viewers.” The change in Jeong Sun-ah’s character, which is inferred through fashion in the drama, is also noteworthy.

Finally, Kim Min-jung said, “This drama is a very unique material. The trial involving the people, the boundary between good and evil, will be an exciting show of the neutral world. Which side would you stand on? We’ve all worked hard on it, so I hope you enjoy ‘The Devil’s Judge’,” she said, raising her will to watch the show on time with her bold ambition.

Kim Min-jung’s spectacular transformation, which is dominated by the hearts of viewers as well as the dystopian world as such an irresistible evil woman, can be seen in tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “The Devil Judge,” which will premiere on Saturday, July 3rd at 9 p.m.

Meanwhile, tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “The Devil Judge” is a drama that delivers a message about justice through a live court show involving the entire nation against the backdrop of a virtual dystopia Korea.

[Shin Young-eun, Star Today reporter]

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