‘Afternoon Hope’ Brave Girls Yuna X Eun-ji revealed #1 #Pocket Money #Celeb Five

Brave Girls’ Eun Ji and Yuna were happy to win the first place in the “Skirt Wind”

MBC FM4U’s “Afternoon Hope, I’m Kim Shin-young”(hereinafter ‘Afternoon Hope’), which aired on 23rd, featured Brave Girls’ Eun Ji and Yuna, who made a comeback with their new song “Skirt Wind.”

On this day, DJ Kim Shin-young introduced Brave Girls, saying, “They are now standing tall as representatives of binge-watching, not reverse driving.” Kim Shin-young said, “Brave Girls topped the list. I didn’t think we’d get first place.  It’s meaningful because it’s not a reverse drive, but a binge drive.”

Yuna said, “We’ve never been in the charts after the music came out. “I can’t believe it because it’s so new to me.” Eun Ji also said, “We finished high heels with about 70th place.” “I checked the chart in real time, and I was so surprised to see that we won first place.”

Kim Shin-young said, “You won first place on a music show. Did you prepare your thoughts on imprisonment? Give it a try now,” she suggested. Eun-ji said, “Our new song ‘Chi Mat Ba Ram’ is on full-time, and I thank you and love you,” and Yuna said, “We are grateful for all the attention.” It’s all thanks to Pierce. “I will work harder in the future,” she said.

Kim Shin-young praised Brave Girls’ new song ‘Skirt Wind’. Kim Shin-young said, “The music video came out as a real legend. “I’ve seen a lot of them,” she said. Kim Shin-young then said, “Fans visit Brave Brothers SNS and write a lot of comments to work hard.” Eun Ji and Yuna said, “I know. But I think you’re enjoying the comments.”

Brave Girls is walking on the flowery path with ‘Rollin’ climbing back up the other way around. Yuna said she recently gave her parents pocket money. Kim Shin-young asked Yuna, “Have you checked your bank account recently?” Yuna said, “There is. I didn’t get settled, but the CEO gave me pocket money. “So I checked it out.”

Kim Shin-young asked, “Can you flex?” “That’s right. They gave me allowance to use when I moved,” Yuna said. Kim Shin-young, who asked if it would be settled soon, said Yuna, “That’s right. “The settlement is due in July.”

Kim Shin-young said, “It seems like you’re really waiting for a long time. “Then did you give the allowance to your parents?” Yuna said, “Yes, but my mom cried for the money. “I didn’t know my mother would cry,” she said with a big smile. Yuna then sent a video message to her mom, “Mom, it’s not that much money, how much more are you going to cry about?” “Mom, be happy,” she said, creating warmth by showing her filial daughter. Eun Ji also expressed her affection for her family by saying “I love you” to her brother, who is a real estate agent.

Kim Shin-young also asked, “Is there a girl group with a concept that Brave Girls want to try?” “I want to do Celeb Five,” Eun Ji said. When Kim Shin-young laughed, “Then is it Brave Five?” Yuna said, “Actually, we tried to cover Celeb Five during our hiatus.” We really like this kind of concept,” she said, confessing her love for fans. “In fact, Celeb Five started during our hiatus. “Everyone got together when they didn’t have work, and this is a good thing.” Eun Ji said, “But I think we can do really well,” showing her confidence, drawing laughter. Kim Shin-young said, “I hope the brave brothers have thoughts about Brave Five.”

The two finally said, “It’s a little lacking, but please love it a lot. “We still have some activities left, so please show us a lot of interest.

Brave Girls released their fifth mini-album “Summer Queen” on Wednesday. The title song “Chi Mat Ba Ram” is a bouncy tropical house dance song with an impressive sound and addictive melody from the intro.

[Reporter Jae-eun Kim, Star Today intern]

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