Ham So-won, memories of ‘The Taste of Wife… “Take out school uniform for filming”

Broadcaster Ham So-won remembered “The Taste of Wife.”

Ham So-won posted on her Instagram on the 22nd, “#WoolleryMama and clothes that I wore during ‘The Taste of Wife’ shoot while cleaning the closet~ What are you going to do with wearing it out~ What are you going to do~ Mama’s belly fat~ Where did it go~”

In the photo released, Ham So-won and Jinhua’s mother are smiling in pink checkered summer uniform with pigtails.

Another photo shows the TV Chosun entertainment program “The Taste of Wife.” Jinhua’s mother, whose uniform did not fit with the belly fat on the screen, drew attention by pulling off her uniform perfectly after losing 13 kilograms.

Ham So-won married 18-year-old Chinese Jinhua in 2018 and gained a lot of popularity by appearing on TV Chosun entertainment program “The Taste of Wife.” However, Ham So-won voluntarily dropped out in March due to allegations of manipulation of her parents-in-law’s villa, renting a newlywed house, and voice doubles.

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

photo| Ham So-won SNS
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