Kim Ji-seok, surrounded by elementary school students, lost his mind… “I’m not Ji Suk-jin”

Actor Kim Ji-seok showed a sign of tiredness from the questions of elementary school students, causing laughter.

On the 23rd, Kim Ji-seok posted on his Instagram, “Oh, I’m not Ji Suk-jin~~(x100) #Today #Monthly House #JTBC #Ji Suk-Jin” and a photo.

In the published photo, Kim Ji-seok is surrounded by several elementary school students in a suit and long padding. As you can guess from the text, Kim Ji-seok was tired of answering the children asking if it was Ji Suk-jin. Nevertheless, Kim Ji-seok did not lose his smile and attracted attention.

Seeing this, Dong Hyun-bae, Big Bang’s older brother and actor Dong Hyun-bae, said, “As expected, a different star~ Kim Seon-bae.”

Kim Ji-seok is playing the role of Yoo Ja-seong in the JTBC drama ‘Monthly House’. ‘Monthly House’ is a drama depicting the romance of a woman who lives in a house and a man who buys a house.

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

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