Specialist Hong Hye-ri, “The age of first sex is 13.6 years old, there are many bizarre cases” (‘Video Star’)

PhotoㅣMBC Every1 ‘Video Star’ screen capture

Obstetrics and gynecology specialist Hong Hye-ri advised on the correct method of birth control.

She appeared on MBC Every1’s “Video Star,” which aired on the 22nd, emphasizing the importance of birth control during the holiday season. Hong Hye-ri runs a YouTube channel called “Our Neighborhood Obstetrics and Gynecology” to inform information and sexual knowledge related to women’s diseases.

On this day, Hong Hye-ri said, “If you take a vacation without preparing for pregnancy or birth control, you may open the hell gate.” In addition to summer, the rate of emergency contraceptive prescriptions increases at the end of the year, the World Cup, and the Olympics. Among them, summer vacation and Christmas are the most common.

She also chose condom as the recommended type of birth control. “Condoms are essential and you need to add one more. There are birth control pills, hormone birth control devices, and an arm-bearing device called an implant. There are various methods of birth control, so it is important to find the best method of birth control for you.”

In addition, the average age of adolescents with sexual experience was 13.6 years old, shocking them by revealing the actual state of youth sex.

“The age range has gone down a lot,” she said. “In other countries, education varies in elementary and middle school. In Korea alone, I tried to teach them how to use condoms, but articles that received complaints from parents seem to be common.”

In particular, she said, “There are a lot of shocking cases,” adding, “There are a lot of bizarre things like being involved in plastic bags as condoms because I don’t know how to use them and don’t know how to use them.”

“Condoms are for the health of both men and women. It is important to remember that men never join for women. The most important thing about how to wear it straight is to wear it from beginning to end,” she said.

[[Choi Ah-young, intern reporter at Maekyung.com]
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