‘Abracadabra’ LA POEM revealed #new song #concert #spoiler

Crossover groups LA POEM Park Ki-hoon, Yoo Chae-hoon, Jung Min-sung and Choi Sung-hoon showed off their cool talks as well as their voices.

SBS Love FM “Narsha’s Abracadabra” (hereinafter referred to as “Abracadabra”), which aired on the 24th, appeared as a guest.

“It’s already my third appearance. “I released a new song, and they came to see us first,” she said, welcoming LA POEM. Narsha then said, “What’s going on? LA POEM is said to hold a nationwide tour concert.

Yoo Chae-hoon said, “In fact, we’ve been thinking about it for a few months, but it’s been postponed temporarily due to covid-19. I think I can do it because I think it’s eased a little these days. I’m still worried about the corona, but I’m looking forward to it.”

“The performance and music industries were tough,” Narsha said. “It’s time to give hope with a song. “I think the fans will love it.” Members of LA POEM said, “If you come to the concert, you will never forget LA POEM. You can see our cute sides.”

“I’m so excited,” Narsha said. “This is a must-go.”

Since then, surprise spoilers have been followed for concerts across the country. LA POEM will hold its first solo concert in Ulsan on Wednesday.

Park Ki-hoon said, “There will be a lot of costumes at the concert.” Narsha said, “Ki-hoon said that there will be a huge costume at the concert, and a listener asks if there will be any costume that goes beyond ‘Kingdom’.” Park Ki-hoon said, “I dare you to jump over ‘Kingdom’. “There’s a really big costume coming out,” he said, provoking curiosity. Other LA POEM members also agreed that “yes”. LA POEM made a special appearance to help ATEEZ on Mnet’s “Kingdom: Legendary War,” which ended in June. Narsha said, “I really hope you get tickets. “I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

There is also a story about the new song. LA POEM proved to be a talented group by singing their new song “Waltz In Storm” live. Narsha said, “I love it. “How can I do this live?” he said.

When asked to explain the new song, Yoo Chae-hoon said, “We are going to release a song with a digital album on the theme of overcoming pain hopes.” This time, I released two songs under the theme of pain. “We will be able to hear other topics as soon as possible. “I’m really looking forward to it,” Narsha said.

The members chose Yoo Chae-hoon as the most talkative member in the group chat room. Narsha said, “I asked the member who talks the most in the group chat room in advance, and Yoo Chae-hoon was chosen in unison.” In response, LA POEM members sympathized with each other, saying, “Yes.”

Asked by Narsha what he usually says, Yoo Chae-hoon said, “There is no specific theme. “The topic keeps changing,” he said. Narsha said, “Are you good at replying? Do you get upset if you don’t reply? “Who has the best reaction?” Yoo Chae-hoon said, “There aren’t many people with good reactions these days. “There are times when I get a reply at dawn or the next day,” he said. “Everything needs to be done in moderation,” Narsha said, shaking his head in laughter.

LA POEM wrapped up by saying, “We will continue to work hard in our music activities, so please love us.”

Meanwhile, LA POEM released the first “Trilogy I. Dolore” of “Trilogy” on various music sites on the 23rd. “Trilogy I. Dolore,” which opens the door for the double single project, features two songs: “Waltz In Storm” and “Unwol.”

[Reporter Jae-eun Kim, Star Today intern]

Photo|SBS Visible Radio

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