Kim Sang-hyeok “Divorce, I don’t want to swear at the other person… it’s each other’s fault” (‘Shaman House’)

Singer Kim Sang-hyuk mentioned divorce.

Kim Sang-hyuk appeared as a guest in the YouTube web entertainment ‘Shaman House’, which was released on the 23rd.

On this day, the shaman told Kim Sang-hyuk about marriage, saying, “I’m not destined to be in one area for long.”

In response, Kim Sang-hyuk said, “I’ll talk about a personal pardon. However, there are a lot of things that are being kept silent because of the other person. I don’t want to curse that friend, I want to think that it’s the wrong choice for each other.”

Previously, Kim Sang-hyuk married Song Da-ye, a former shopping mall CEO, in April 2019. The two appeared on TV Chosun’s ‘Taste of Wife’ and boasted of their sweet relationship, but in April of last year, on the anniversary of their first wedding anniversary, the news of their divorce caused regret.

The shaman told Kim Sang-hyuk, “I think I’ll get married again at the age of 42 or 43. I want to see women a little more deeply. I only look at the outside. I believe if it seems like they are giving for me while talking.”

The shaman also added, “You have to have many children to have two. One son and one daughter would be perfect.”

[Star Today reporter Kim So-yeon]

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