Ko Min-si’s pictorial “I want to be an open person”

A pictorial with the colorful charms of actress Ko Min-si has been released.

Through KBS2’s ‘Youth of May’, Ko Min-si, who stood tall as the next-generation mellow queen, released the July issue of fashion magazine ‘Vogue Korea’

The troublesome poem in the photo caught the eye by showing off the side of a pictorial craftsman with colorful charms, perfectly digesting everything from girly styling to alluring concept costumes.

In an interview with the photo shoot, Ko Min-si said, “The charm of an actor is to have a good influence on people through her work, and even if she is not in the world, the work will remain. I was proud,” she said, expressing her extraordinary affection for her previous work.

Regarding Kim Myung-hee’s character in ‘Youth of May’, she said, “I liked the point where Myeong-hee, who had only been through life strongly, changed subtly as she met the one she loved. It was a blessing to be able to do it. As time goes by, this work becomes more intense in many ways.”

Ko Min-si, who is continuing her hard work with the upcoming tvN drama ‘Jirisan’ and the movie ‘Smuggling’, said, “I want to be an open person.” I will learn,” she said, expressing her aspirations for the future.

More various pictorials and interviews with Ko Min-si can be found in the July issue of ‘Vogue’.

[Yang So-young, Star Today reporter]

Photo|Vogue Korea
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