Kyung Soo-jin moved to the house that was introduced in ‘Where is My Home’…I live alone

Actress Kyung Soo-jin shows her new house.

In the MBC entertainment program ‘I Live Alone’ (planned by Ahn Soo-young, directed by Heo Hang, and Kim Ji-woo), which will be broadcast at 11:10 pm on the 25th, the image of Kyung Soo-jin, who has moved into a new house, is on the air.

Kyung Soo-jin, who recently moved to Sindang-dong, is unveiling a new house decorated in a ‘mid-century modern’ style that stands out for its simple design and modernity. Her new house was introduced in MBC’s ‘Where is My Home’, drawing attention from viewers.

Kyung Soo-jin, a ‘silver maniac’ who said that she likes silver, raises expectations by revealing the interior of her new house, which is decorated with silver and various colors.

In addition, Kyung Soo-jin sets up a cat tower for the cat, Hodu, who has been living with her while moving. Kyung Soo-jin, who is a gold-handed talent, said that he was immersed in the work without a sign of embarrassment despite successive mistakes, raising questions about whether he can safely complete the cat tower.

It is said that Kyung Su-jin showed off her unparalleled dexterity to expand the dining table for two to a table for four with relentless storm drilling, befitting the nickname ‘Chief Gyeongban’.

On the other hand, Kyung Soo-jin, who went on a full-fledged neighborhood tour for the first time after moving, finds a fortune teller and checks the move with a tarot shop. Kyung Soo-jin, who drew the tarot card with an excited expression, said that she could not hide her excitement at the creepy result, and attention is focused on her tarot score.

The new house of Kyung Soo-jin, who moved to Sindang-dong, and Lee Sa-woon, seen at the Tarot store, can be seen at ‘I Live Alone’, which will be broadcast at 11:10 pm on the 25th.

[Star Today reporter Kim So-yeon]

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