Oh Ji-heon apologizes for doppelganger remarks… “I’m sorry, Lim Young-woong”

Comedian Oh Ji-heon apologized for Lim Young-woong’s doppelganger remarks.

On the 24th, Oh Ji-heon posted a picture on his Instagram and apologized, “It was so much fun Ppong School~!” and “I’m sorry, Lim Young-woong.”

Oh Ji-heon, who appeared on TV Chosun’s entertainment program ‘Ppong School’, which aired on the 23rd, said to Lim Young-woong, “Are you a child like me? They say it’s bad to meet doppelgangers,” he said, making everyone laugh.

He said, “And thank you to everyone. #It was a pleasant place to see each other as objects of respect #I was happy #Mulberry School I was a child and commented #Youngwoong Lim #Youngtak #Chanwon Lee #Minho Jang #Heejae Kim Thank you so much to all fans~ ~ Since you came, I will also follow you~”

In the published photo, Oh Ji-heon and Lim Young-woong were smiling brightly as they faced each other and felt happy. He then released a selfie with Lee Chan-won, Young-tak, and Jang Min-ho.

Netizens who saw this said, “Yesterday was so much fun”, “It’s been a long time since I remembered it~ Oh, it was so nice to meet you~”, “It was fun thanks to you” and thanked Oh Ji-heon for reminding me of the KBS2 entertainment program ‘Gag Concert’

Meanwhile, Oh Ji-heon made his debut as a comedian in the 18th KBS open recruitment in 2003. He married a non-celebrity in 2008 and has three daughters.

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

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