Park Seo-won spent prohibitive money for Cho Soo-ae’s childcare center…”20 million won for 2 weeks”

Park Seo-won, CEO of Doosan Magazine, pent prohibitive money for childcare center for his wife, former JTBC announcer Cho Soo-ae.

Mnet entertainment program “TMI NEWS,” which aired on 23rd, revealed the ranking of “Star BEST14 Married to the Top 1% Rich.”

In sixth place, Cho Soo-ae, who married Park Seo-won, the eldest son of Doosan Infracore Chairman Park Yong-man, was ranked sixth. Jo Su-ae often visited baseball stadiums in charge of sports programs while working at JTBC, and naturally met Park Seo-won, the owner’s son. The two had a secret relationship and marriage.

Park Seo-won helped her wife Jo Su-ae rest at the postpartum care center used by actress Jeon Ji-hyun after giving birth. It provides facilities and services at the level of a seven-star hotel, which costs about 20 million won per two weeks.

Park Seo-won concurrently serves as vice president of Oricom, an advertising company affiliated with Doosan, and the company’s market capitalization is 130.9 billion won (as of the 24th).

Park Seo-won and Cho Soo-ae married in December 2018 and gave birth to a son in May 2019. Rumors of discord were once raised by unfollowing each other’s SNS, but they ended the discord by releasing friendly photos.

[Star Today reporter Kim So-yeon]

photo| Mnet broadcast screen capture
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