SEVENTEEN’s perfect performance at US ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Seventeen. Provided by Pledis Entertainment

Group Seventeen dominated ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

On the afternoon of the 23rd (US time), SEVENTEEN performed the title song ‘Ready to love’ of their 8th mini album ‘Your Choice’ on the US ABC signboard talk show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ ) stage and completed the legendary stage with the unique ‘Performance King’ aspect.

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ is ABC’s popular talk show hosted by Emmy Award-winning comedian Jimmy Kimmel. Billie Eilish, The Weeknd, Maroon Five, Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani, 24k Golden, and other world-class artists have appeared.

On this day’s broadcast, Seventeen performed a perfect ‘Ready to love’ stage without any distractions. SEVENTEEN, who appeared among the cell phones surrounding the stage, radiated soft charisma with their casual suit styling, and showed overwhelming stage dominance by performing not only a stable live performance with solid singing ability, but also a group dance completed with fantastic teamwork.

Seventeen. Provided by Pledis Entertainment

In the middle of the stage, the performance using lighting caught the eye. The lighting that sequentially illuminates some members not only increased the stage’s attention, but also added details to the stage composition, providing a feeling of extreme immersion.

SEVENTEEN confirmed their appearance on ‘MTV Fresh Out Live’ following ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’, proving the popularity of ‘Worldwide’ spreading all over the world.

In particular, the 8th mini-album ‘Your Choice’, released on the 18th, is running on a box-office track with sales exceeding 1.14 million copies within 4 days of release.

[Reporter Park Se-yeon, Star Today]

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