‘The Night of the 8th Day’ opening video released, the secret of what you shouldn’t wake up to

Netflix film “The Night of the 8th Day” released an opening video containing the secret of “Not to Wake Up.”

The movie “The Night of the 8th Day,” which depicts an eight-day struggle to prevent the seal of “not to wake up” that will bring the world a hell full of pain across seven stepping stones, has released an opening video that draws attention with unique visuals and Sanskrit.

The released video contains an interesting legend that 2,500 years ago, the goblin, which tried to open the gates of hell to inflict pain on humans, was divided into red eyes and black eyes by the hands of the Buddha, respectively.

Red eyes hide away from the Buddha for nights to be struck by the body before being completely sealed in sarira. On the eighth night, the red eyes realize that the path they ran away is a narrow shallow stream with only seven stepping stones lying on it, and then the narration of false surrender to Buddha gives hints about the seven stepping stones in the movie and stimulates curiosity.

An animation that looks like a mural, a unique goblin, and creepy red eyes. The opening video, which highlights the charm of the mystery thriller genre, makes us look forward to the reality of “Not to Wake Up” in “The Night of the 8th Day” and those who have to prevent it from being unsealed.

In addition, the opening video, made in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, seems to show a legend that actually exists, but the whole story was born with director Kim Tae-hyung’s amazing imagination. “The Night of the 8th Day,” which raises expectations just with the opening video, will provide tension and fun that will make viewers sweat this summer.

A fresh story called a struggle to prevent the seal of “something not to wake up” from being lifted. The mystery thriller “The 8th Night,” which is expected to be created by actors with colorful charms and acting skills, will be released worldwide on July 2nd through Netflix.

[Yang So-young, Star Today reporter]


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