Are you still promoting only on blogs and YouTube? i make music

Moon Jae-yoon, a writer and publisher, is the person who created self-branding with her own song at MK Studio. CEO Moon, who expressed herself with various contents such as books and webtoons, thought she could tell her story with music, so she visited MK Studio.

CEO Dom Do-yoon recalling her work with MK Studio

Q. How did you find MK Studio?

CEO Moon Do-yoon: At first, when I saw the service, I just thought it was strange. It was because I had never had experience making content into music. I’m working on creating content related to webtoons, but I’ve tried making content I made with books and pictures. But after hearing the story of the service, I thought that I could make content into music. So I found MK Studio.

Q. What kind of music did you make?

CEO Moon Do-yoon: This is a song called ‘Let’s Have Our Time’. I made a song from a part of an essay book of the same name that I wrote. This essay is about how I felt when my ex-boyfriend asked me to spend some time with her . At first, I was worried that the content might be too personal, but the reaction to the content was so much better than I thought, I thought that everyone could sympathize with these feelings. Afterwards, I was thinking about what kind of lyrics to attach to the song that CEO Sang-gyo Sang was working on. I remembered this essay and I remember writing the lyrics on the bus heading to the studio.

Q. How was the process of making music?

CEO Moon Do-yoon: There was a time when it became difficult for me to tell others about my feelings. I’ve always been a listener. So, at the beginning of the work, it felt difficult to talk with CEO Jeong Sang-gyo. It was something I hadn’t done in a long time, and I always expressed my feelings in writing. However, as I continued talking with the CEO, I became a little more comfortable expressing my feelings.

Q. How do you feel about making music yourself?

CEO Moon Do-yoon: I really feel that I am telling my story. There have been times when I heard other singers’ songs before and felt it was like my own story. Like that, I want people who listened to my songs to think that this song is like their own story.

“Let’s Have Our Time” album sung by Dom Do-yoon, who wrote and sang the lyrics herself.

Q. Can you talk about MK Studio?

CEO Moon Do-yoon: There are people around me who are not good at talking about their feelings. As I said earlier that it became easier to express my feelings in the process of making music, I thought it would be good for such people to join this service. Everyone is just clumsy with their emotions, but everyone has something they want to talk about.

The music created by Moon Do-yoon was registered on various music sites such as Melon, Bugs, and Genie through MK Studio. You can check the music he sang by just searching for ‘Document Yoon’ or ‘Let’s have our time’ on the music site.

As such, CEO Moon created her own branding of herself as a person who can deliver stories to people through various media while producing content to listen to rather than simply watch as a publisher.

Recently, like CEO Moon, self-branding, where you create your own story that is different from others, is a trend. As such, you can often see people promoting themselves through various media such as YouTube, blogs, and autobiography on the Internet. Although various media such as writing and video are being used for self-branding, self-branding using music is not yet common.

If you express yourself through music, you can distinguish it from other media and attract other people’s attention. In addition, unlike media that tell stories with long breaths, music can convince people in a short time of 3 to 4 minutes. If you participate in the lyrics or recording yourself, the persuasiveness of the fact that it is your honest story is doubled.

MK Studio, created by Mail Economy Star Today and Studio Secret Garden, provides a ‘Sing My Song’ service that allows you to create such self-branded music. The reason why CEO Moon was able to make her own music was by using the services of the Secret Garden Studio. In this way, anyone can create their own music using the Sing My Song service, so ordinary people can create and sing songs like singers.

The music composers are professional music composers of the MBC Music Awards music team. They listen to the stories of customers who visit MK Studio and compose music, and in the process, customers can create music with their own desired mood. In addition, if the customer wants, they can directly participate in the songwriting.

MK Studio is helping not only CEO Moon, but everyone who visits the studio to create their own branding through their own stories. Various people, from practical music students to newlyweds who are about to get married, met MK Studio, talked about their stories, and made them into songs.

If you have ever envied people who make their own branding through various media, or if you want to express your own story like those people, how about visiting MK Studio this summer? Like CEO Moon Do-yoon, you will be able to create a self-branding that goes beyond simply seeing and can be heard and sympathized with.

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