Average 10.1% of ‘Hospital Playlist 2’… own highest ratings record

tvN’s “Hospital Playlist Season 2” dealt with the stories of various people in Yulje Hospital in more depth, giving a heartwarming impression.

The second episode of “Hospital Playlist Season 2” (directed by Shin Won-ho, screenplay by Lee Woo-jung, planning tvN, production by Eggs Coming), which aired on the 24th, averaged 11.8% and up to 14.3% based on households in the Seoul metropolitan area. tvN’s target audience rating of 2049 for men and women averaged 6.5%, up to 7.9%, nationwide average 6.3%, and up to 7.7%, ranking first in all channels including terrestrial broadcasting in the Seoul metropolitan area for two consecutive weeks. (based on cable, IPTV, satellite integrated paid platform/provided by Nielsen Korea)

In the broadcast on this day, Ik-joon (played by Cho Jung-seok), Jung-won (played by Yoo Yeon-seok), Jun-wan (played by Jung Kyung-ho), Seok-hyung (played by Kim Dae-myung), and Song-hwa (played by Jeon Mi-do) showed sincerity, as well as various people living in the hospital.

First of all, Seok-hyung’s serious attitude of calmly telling the mother in an emergency situation drew attention. The serious stone figure’s expression, which turned around and asked Min-ha (Ahn Jin) to check the mother meticulously, added to the tension.

Song-hwa’s charismatic appearance, which is the object of respect to juniors in all respects, caught the eye. The guardian of the patient who misunderstood Song-hwa as her major expressed discontent, distrusting Song-hwa, and doctors watching the situation could not hide their anxiety. Soon after, the guardian found out that Song-hwa was a professor, and took a polite attitude, but Song-hwa finished explaining the surgery without any agitation. And in a calm voice, she said, “Major teachers are obviously neurosurgeons and people who have studied for nearly a decade, over a decade. “I have enough medical knowledge and rather know more about patients than I do, so they will let me know well if I ask the teachers of my major,” said Sun-bin (Ha Yoon-kyung), which impressed viewers as well as Sun Bin (Ha.

The tiredness of Seok-hyung and Ik-jun, who had a hard day, made viewers feel sorry for them. First, the emergency mother, a stone-type patient, underwent surgery in a hurry, but could not save the baby, stimulating the tear glands of the viewers. On top of that, Ik-jun received two liver transplants from his two daughters, but he was not happy to visit a patient whose condition worsened again after failing to stop drinking. Ik-jun said, “It’s not natural for your child to donate his liver. “My two daughters risked their lives for my father,” he said firmly, and the patient’s wife shed tears and the patient repeatedly said he was sorry. Seok-hyung and Ik-jun, who had a hard day, were comforted by each other just being together, leaving a deep lingering impression on viewers.

In addition, Jungwon gathered Ik-jun, Jun-wan, Seok-hyung and Song-hwa together to share the news of his love affair with Winter (Shin Hyun-bin). However, not only did they make a fuss, but they also talked about themselves, cutting off the words of the garden and making people to laugh. The garden, whose patience has reached its limit, eventually says, “I, winter, meet. “We’ve been dating for about a month,” she said, adding that her friends were embarrassed, but they were as happy as they were. “Of course I’ll keep it a secret at the hospital. Don’t worry,” Song-hwa said first, warming viewers’ hearts with a 20-year friendship.

“Hospital Playlist Season 2” is a drama about the chemistry of 20-year-old friends and people who live special days as if they were ordinary in a hospital called a miniature of life where someone was born and someone ended their lives. It will air every Thursday night at 9 p.m., and the third episode will air at 9 p.m. on July 1 (Thursday).

[Shin Young-eun, Star Today reporter]

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