‘Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time’ Yang Jae-jin X Yang Jae-woong “Self-monitoring is necessary when you are worried about the direction of your life”

Psychiatrists Yang Jae-jin and Yang Jae-woong solved listeners’ concerns with professional medical knowledge.

Yang Jae-jin and Yang Jae-woong, psychiatrists, appeared as guests in the “Healing Invitation” section of SBS Power FM’s “Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time”, which aired on the 25th. “We have a superior brother who is hard to find around us. We will be joined by psychiatrists Yang Jae-jin and Yang Jae-woong.

Choi Hwa-jung, who saw the two brothers’ book “When I Don’t Know My Heart,” said, “I don’t think I know my heart very often,” adding, “When I work in one field, I think I’m talented at first, but I feel weak and intimidated.”

Yang Jae-woong said, “What Choi Hwa-jung says is to lower his head when the rice is ripe. Being loved for this long in one field is unique. “Only such a person can say this,” Choi Hwa-jung said.

Yang Jae-jin said, “At first, I just work my way through life. There is a famous saying, “If you don’t live as you think, you’ll live as you think,” and “when you’re worried about the direction of life at some point, you need to reflect on yourself,” he said, promoting that the book describes how to self-monitor.

Choi Hwa-jung said, “The book is easy. “Other books are thick and burdensome to read carefully, but books are chapters, so you can read them as if you were looking for a dictionary,” he said. “How did you divide the chapters?”

Yang Jae-jin said, “The most important thing is that I and my brother organize each story of YouTube,” and added, “The chapter is divided into stories about me, as well as stories about my close family, friends, work, and relationship.” “Because the story about me is the most important thing, we shared three areas of self-esteem, future anxiety, and interest in it in detail.”

Yang Jae-woong recommended, “It would be good to find a story that fits me one by one.”

Choi Hwa-jung asked if there was a conflict between the two brothers and what was better than my brother and brother.

Yang Jae-jin said, “We didn’t go to school together because we were eight years apart. At least when I was in college, my younger brother went to elementary school. “When I was young, I only watched it young, but after my younger brother became an adult and majored in psychiatry, I started to have conflicts.”

“As my brother entered the psychiatry and learned, he told me what we realized about father-son relationships rather than general brother-sister relationships, and I experienced a conflict that I couldn’t accept,” he said. “Now we are old friends.”

“I can’t see my brother consulting, but I realized that he listens better than I do while doing YouTube. My younger brother has warm feedback. I’m accurate and straightforward, but my brother listens to me a lot and expresses himself indirectly.”

“I can’t hate him because he’s an unlucky older brother,” his younger brother Yang Jae-woong said. “He’s a person who can talk when he says ‘Talk to himself for an hour.'” “My brother’s counseling style is one that shows the framework and follows. “I think it’s a better thing because I didn’t have it,” he said, creating a warm atmosphere.

“These people identify anonymity with cars and themselves,” Yang Jae-woong told a listener who gets angry when they are overtaken. “I feel like I’m being overtaken when my car is overtaken because I think the performance of the car is me.”

“I think you’re self-obsessed, too. Regardless of my will, if I interrupt my course, I feel like I’m losing control. These people I’m trying to control my surroundings. That’s why I’m angry about situations that don’t go my way.” He also said, “These people hate breaking the public law the most.”

Yang Jae-woong said, “I think I can’t stand losing money. People can make mistakes and get them at a loss, but they can’t stand themselves. “That’s why I have to make up for it if I lose money,” he said. “I personally think I have to put up to it.” “These people are at the mercy of other people’s influence on me,” he said. “The moment I get angry, I think my revenge seems to be resolved, but if I shake it, I become a person like a coke bottle that pops and bursts.”

Psychiatrists Yang Jae-jin and Yang Jae-woong are brothers. Together, the two brothers run the YouTube channel “The Spirit of Yangbro.”

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

photo| SBS visible radio capture
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