Choi Myung-gil and So Yi-hyun’s ‘Red Shoes’ poster released ‘Strong’

‘Red Shoes’ released the official poster, overwhelming the crowd with an overwhelming atmosphere.

The production team of KBS2’s new daily drama ‘Red Shoes’ (directed by Park Ki-hyun, written by Hwang Soon-young, produced by OHC Story) released two powerful visual posters and focused attention on the charisma of the actors who transformed into the incarnations of desire.

‘Red Shoes’ depicts the story of a heartless mother who leaves in search of love and desire while ignoring the bond of blood and blood for her own success, and her daughter, who falls into a cycle of unstoppable desire for revenge.

First of all, in the two-person poster released on the 25th (today), the crossed gazes and seductive aura of Choi Myung-gil (Min Hee-kyung) and So Yi-hyun (Kim Jem-ma) attract attention. And I can feel a secret desire in So Yi-hyun’s eyes towards a high place. In particular, the two overlapping subjects reminds us of the bondage of ruin that cannot escape from each other’s existence even in the past, even though mother and daughter’s ties are broken.

On the other hand, in the group poster, Choi Myung-gil, So Yi-hyun, Park Yoon-jae (Yoon Ki-seok), Ban Hyo-jeong (Choi Sook-ja), Seonwoo Jae-deok (Kwon Hyuk-sang), Shin Jeong-yun (Yoon Hyeon-seok), Jung Yu-min (Kwon Hye-bin), and Choi Young-wan (Kwon Su-yeon) were cynical. Expresses intense charisma with a smile. Surrounded by a red space, as the phrase “I really wanted to live a life for myself” means, it heralds a narrative of desire that strikes sharply. In addition, Choi Myung-gil and So Yi-hyeon form an angle of confrontation, and the sharply contrasting black and white costumes are added to evoke messages about good and evil, secrets and truth, and the ambivalence of human beings.

As such, ‘Red Shoes’ is an unconventional and captivating story that escapes from the narrative of motherhood and mother-in-law to pursue one’s life and desires, and at the same time captivates the small screen with the runaway emotional lines of characters with their own personality and strong potential as well as disturbing desire Is expected.

‘Red Shoes’ is a collaboration between writer Hwang Soon-young, master of daily dramas such as ‘Ruby Ring’ and ‘Two Mothers’, and director Park Ki-hyun, who directed ‘Only Walk the Flower Road’. It will be aired for the first time at 7:50 PM on July 5, following ‘Miss Monte Cristo’.

[Yang So-young, Star Today reporter]

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