‘I Will Song’ Consolation and Healing from Ham Eun-jung and Kim Tae-hyung

Ham Eun-jung and Kim Tae-hyung . Photo|Like Content

‘I Will Song’, where Ham Eun-jung and Kim Tae-hyung deliver comfort and healing, visits the screen.

On the afternoon of the 25th, a preview and press conference for the movie ‘I Will Song’ was held at the entrance of Lotte Cinema Konkuk University in Seoul. Director Lee Sang-hoon and actors Ham Eun-jung, Kim Tae-hyung, and Noh Haeng-ha attended.

‘I Will Song’ is a music healing movie depicting the story of an unknown singer, Wave, who can no longer sing, accidentally meets the film director Wind on a trip and heals each other’s wounds.

Ham Eun-jung, a former member of the girl group T-ara, who has steadily expanded her acting realm, including movies, dramas, and web dramas, has become more natural as an actress. The person who worked with Ham Eun-jung is Kim Tae-hyung, who started a new leap under his real name instead of his stage name, Guwon. Kim Tae-hyung, who made his face in the movie ‘Fists of Legend’, played the role of a promising film director, Ba-ram.

Ham Eun-jung said, “I felt that the scenario had a lot of warmth. You might think that there may be a similar point with my life as a singer, but when life doesn’t go the way I thought it would be because I was hurt, the process of healing me in a healthy way felt warm.”

She continued, “Until now, I have taken on a character with a clear, subjective thought. I thought that it would be an opportunity for me to learn as a little passive aspect came to me.”

Kim Tae-hyung also said, “The characters in the movie have certain difficulties. I thought the process of accepting and overcoming those difficulties was healthy. In order to play a healthy role, I tried to spend my life on a regular basis to live a healthier life than I used to. So I changed my hair style and thought about the outfit,” he said.

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On the other hand, Ham Eun-jung said, “I’m grateful that I am a character who can sing and act together. She also appeared as a T-ara, which is a lucky piece for me who wants to act as well.” He said, “I think it will be a good gift for fans who wanted to see me sing.”

She continued, “I feel a bit sorry for acting. But I thought it was fun while singing. When I’m in a singing role, sometimes I feel like I’m on stage. This time, I got a lot of the feeling that I was singing with the waves. It was a new and meaningful work.”

This film is a ‘2020 Andong background film production support selection’, and various attractions of Andong, a city with various charms, such as a quiet and emotional hanok village, a folk village, and Seonseong Waterway, are captured in the film.

In response, director Lee Sang-hoon said, “I went to Andong while preparing a children’s book, and the afterglow was great. When I was writing the screenplay, I went down to Andong, and it came to me like comfort.”

Lastly, director Lee Sang-hoon said, “I have a theory that I have in mind. The great punishment that God inflicted on humans is comparison. A great gift from God is an artistic talent. The purpose is to give people comfort and support with talents. The foundation of my work is the dignity and comfort of human beings.”

He continued, “In that sense, ‘I Will Song’ was prepared because I wanted to talk to the youths I passed through. The theme for planning ‘I Will Song’ is a dream.” He said, “In a situation where even the waves can’t sing, I take the song to the end, but making and playing a song is also a part of my dream. I wanted you to not be discouraged and to have a big dream.”

‘I Will Song’ will be released on July 1.

[Yang So-young, Star Today reporter]

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