Kim Hye-yeon’s exclusive contract with Tajo Entertainment

Trot singer Kim Hye-yeon joined Ostrich Entertainment.

On the 25th, Tajo Entertainment said, “We recently signed an exclusive contract with Kim Hye-yeon. From broadcasting to offline events, we will actively support Kim Hye-yeon so that she can be active in various fields.”

The agency continued, “I’m happy to be a new family with ‘Original Trot Queen’ Kim Hye-yeon. This summer, with Wink and Park Seo-jin, we plan to deliver energy to fans through an exciting and exciting trot stage. We ask for your support.”

Kim Hye-yeon, who made her official debut as a trot singer in 1993, has been loved for a long time by releasing hit songs such as ‘Seoul Daejeon Daegu Busan’, ‘Grunt Guy’, ‘Seoul Republic’, and ‘Patience’.

Recently, she appeared in various entertainment programs such as MBC’s ‘King of Mask Singer’, TV CHOSUN’s ‘One Hundred Battle of Fire’, and KBS2’s ‘Trot Magic Wandering Troupe’, showing a stage full of excitement and energy, ‘Original Trot Queen’, ‘Original Trot Idol’, ‘Original Army’ It’s called ‘President’.

With this, Tajo Entertainment has succeeded in building a powerful trot lineup that is loved by people of all ages, from Kim Hye-yeon to twin trot singer Wink to ‘God of Janggu’ Park Seo-jin.

[Shin Young-eun, Star Today reporter]

PhotoㅣOstrich Entertainment

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