‘Meoseon 129’ Kang Ho-dong, the undefeated myth shattered… 100 million cosmetic gifts were blown away

Kang Ho-dong failed to win five consecutive games in a row after losing a bottle throwing match against Kim Jung-hwan, a cosmetics brand of Shinsegae affiliates.

In Kakao TV’s original web entertainment show “Meoseon 129,” which was released on the 24th, Kang Ho-dong competed with Kim Jung-hwan with his pride as Kakao TV CSO (Chief Subscriber Officer) and prizes worth 100 million won.

Before throwing a bottle and putting it in the trash, he carried out a lipstick Jenga. If Jenga collapses, it will be defeated, and the winning team will throw the bottle first. Beauty YouTuber creator Lee Sabae and Sikor’s section chief Kang Jung-eun faced off.

Lee Sa-bae, who won rock-paper-scissors, took out the Jenga first. Kang Jung-eun then showed off her one-shot technique of pulling out two pieces of Jenga at a time to get the upper hand. In his second attempt, Lee Sabae collapsed Jenga and lost his chance to attack first.

Kang Ho-dong said, “We have decided to beat design as always today.” “I will bring victory to the flood of cosmetics,” he said. “Meoseon 129 fighting!”

Kim Jung-hwan, who was not pressured by Kang Ho-dong’s momentum, said, “I will definitely win so that I can beat Sikor. Fighting Sikor.”

“Can I put it in at once?” Director Kim said with confidence. However, Kim’s illness failed to pass through the trash bin, and Kang Ho-dong breathed a sigh of relief. However, Kang Ho-dong’s illness was thrown out of the trash can and caused sadness.

Managing director Kim Jung-hwan, who was almost in trouble, attempted a second challenge with a shaky mentality. The bottle thrown by director Kim neatly went into the trash can, and Kang Ho-dong’s first defeat was confirmed. Lee Sa-bae covered his mouth and couldn’t say anything at the sight of the broken myth of five consecutive wins and no losses.

The hall was in chaos, and Kim, who won, rather said, “What should I do? I can’t go in. “What should I do with this atmosphere?” he was worried. Kang Ho-dong admitted defeat fairly and Lee Sabae said, “Congratulations. I regret that I should have practiced Jenga.”

Kang Ho-dong apologized, saying, “I unintentionally apologize to subscribers,” and executive director Kim Jung-hwan promised, “The game is a game, so I will support the prize through other promotions.”

When Kang Ho-dong said it was his first defeat, Kim Jung-hwan said, “Really? “We’re the only ones who are in trouble,” he said. When the production team asked him to submit an apology, Kang Ho-dong said he did not know how to write an apology.
In response, Director Kim drew laughter by saying, “We have a form of our company,” and sharing the form of apology for free.

Kang Ho-dong said, “I am grateful to Sikor for being a great opponent even though I did not win.” At the end of the game, Lee Sabae blamed himself, saying, “I touched thousands of lipsticks, but I couldn’t beat Jenga.” This provided Sikhor with 15 seconds of intermediate advertising and 30 seconds of special video.

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

photo| Captured from Kakao TV’s ‘Meoseon129’
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