‘Single Bungle Show’ Kim Eana talked about… #Jung Junha #Starry Night #500 Songs Lyrics

Lyricist Kim Eana gave warm words to the listeners.

Kim I-na, a lyricist, appeared as a guest on MBC’s standard FM “Jung Joon-ha, Shin Ji’s Single Bungle Show” (hereinafter referred to as “Single Bungle Show”), which aired on the 25th.

On the same day, DJ Shinji said, “A genius lyricist from the 21st century came. We had a really hard time serving Kim Na,” she introduced Kim Eana. Shinji asked, “How do you feel now that you came during the day after being a DJ of ‘Starry Night’?”

“I feel like I’m traveling through time. “I feel good,” she said. Kim Eana said, “Actually, the producer here came here after being in ‘Starry Night’. “You worked really hard at that time,” she said. Later, Kim Eana surprised everyone by saying, “I cried because I was sad that the PD left.”

Jung Joon-ha and Shinji, who heard that Kim Eana cried, said, “I thought our PD cried because he didn’t want to meet us, not Kim Eana.” “It’s because we have a sense of qualification,” he said, drawing laughter.

Kim Eana then confessed that she had written 500 songs so far. Jung Joon-ha said, “It is said that 400 songs were written by lyricist Kim Eana.” Kim Eana surprised everyone by correcting, “No, it exceeded 500 songs.” Jung Joon-ha said, “What is the production team doing? Don’t you think it’s 500 songs?” Kim Eana laughed, saying, “It’s just over.” DJ Shinji praised Kim Bum-soo’s “Appear” and IU’s “Good Day” in which Kim I-na participated. Shinji said, “These songs are so precious. “I can’t introduce everything because I don’t have time.” Kim Eana was surprised.

Kim Eana also mentioned her relationship with Jung Joon-ha. Jung Joon-ha said, “Kim Eana and I have a relationship. I once participated in the OST of the MBC drama “Unpleasant Women.” It’s a song called ‘Crush’. Kim Eana wrote the lyrics for the song. Kim I-na said, “That’s “I wrote the lyrics when I was a rookie.” Kim Eana said, “But we’ve done it together other than this. He also participated in “Infinite Challenge” about twice. “We have a deep connection. Jung Joon-ha was honored, saying, “Am I three of Kim’s 500 songs?” Shinji also expressed regret, saying, “I don’t have a song with lyricist Kim Eana.”

Later, Kim Eana listened to the songs of the listeners and participated in the review. Kim Eana is 23 years old, but she is worried about being old, and she said to the listener, “That’s the emotional line of 23 years old. Make the emotional line into a beat. It has the breathing of a ballad. I hope I can be confident,” she said, giving a friendly review.

Kim Eana showed empathy by listening to the listeners’ songs sincerely.

Lastly, Kim Eana said, “I’ve been judging, and in the end, the one who loses his strength wins at the really important moment. “I think the judges are like that, so I was so happy today.”

Meanwhile, Kim Eana is a talk viewer on Kakao TV’s original web entertainment show “Shall we talk?” and is listening to deep-seated stories from celebrities in various fields.

[Reporter Jae-eun Kim, Star Today intern]

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