Sunghoon, participated directly in the OST of ‘Love 2’… release on the 25th

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Actor Sung Hoon directly participates in the OST of ‘Love Season 2’.

TV Chosun weekend mini-series ‘Marriage Lyrics, Divorce Composition Season 2’ (played by Phoebe (Lim Seong-han)/directed by Yoo Jung-joon) is unimaginable when three attractive female protagonists in their 30s, 40s, and 50s are in their It is a drama about the discord of a couple who are looking for true love. The OST ‘It’s Okay’ of ‘Singing Song 2’, sung by Sung Hoon, will be released on various music sites at noon on the 25th.

‘It’s Okay’ is a song by composer Kang Ji-won, and it is a song that harmonizes with the electronic piano sound that develops sweetly based on the R&B beat. Sung Hoon’s calm and simple voice is ‘It’s okay, you’re okay, I know your hard heart’, ‘It takes strength It is expected to create a deep appeal when combined with healing lyrics such as ‘Lean on my shoulder’ and ‘I’ll wipe all your tears’.

In particular, the calm sensibility that dominates the song and the candid lyrics seem to comfort the listeners and maximize the emotion of the drama.

‘Marriage Lyricist, Divorce Composer Season 2’ is a super luxurious OST lineup that is no less than a drama, and has been highly anticipated even before its release. Prior to Sung Hoon’s OST, the OST sung by ‘Miss Trot 2’ Seon Ji-yoon, legendary singer Park Sang-min, vocalist Lee Hyun, talented rookie Yoo So-na, and Yoo Jai was released one after another, and it was well received by music sites. In particular, the second OST ‘If I Had Known Then’, sung by Park Sang-min, was released on the 11th and climbed to the top of the daily charts on the music site Kakao Music.

World Star Entertainment, who was in charge of producing the OST for ‘Fighting Song 2’, said, “The OST Part sung by Sung Hoon, an actor who is appearing in the drama taking on the role of Judge Sa-hyun. 6 ‘It’s Okay’ is about to be released. Sung Hoon’s voice will give a strong sense of immersion to those who listen to the OST.”

Meanwhile, the OST ‘It’s Okay’ for ‘Love Season 2’, sung by Sung Hoon, will be released at noon on the 25th.

[Jin Hyang-hee, Star Today reporter]
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