‘Urban Fisherman 3’ Kim Jun-hyun, account hacked during broadcasting, and suffered 2 million won payment

Comedian Kim Jun-hyun suffered damage worth 2 million won due to account hacking during the broadcast.

In the Channel A entertainment program ‘Only Trust Me, Follow Me, Urban Fisherman Season 3’ (hereafter ‘Urban Fisherman 3’), which was broadcast on the 24th, an early fishing battle took place in Wangpo, Jeonbuk, following Jeonju.

While fishing that day, Kim Jun-hyun looked at his cell phone and was bewildered. Kim Jun-hyun said, “It is said that he spent 200 messages for 3,300 won each in a mobile game. He said it exceeded 650,000 won, but it’s not right.” He said, embarrassed that he received 200 texts at once.

When Lee Soo-geun said, “It looks like someone just scratched it,” Kim Jun-hyun said, “Did you get robbed? A few million won was paid out of 11 million won each. There’s a lot going on. It’s like shit here and there “It’s the worst if you get hacked and lose your badge.”

After hearing this, Lee Kyung-kyu and Oh Jong-hyuk contacted banks, Google, and credit card companies and advised them to cancel the payment. PD Jang also added, “We need to find out about that soon.” Kim Jun-hyun called the credit card company, but when the procedure was complicated, he said, “Let’s find the 950,000 won later and find it early. If you ask for a refund within today, I will do it.” He put down his phone.

However, he called the customer center again and said, “My phone number was used to pay 1 million won on Google Play. It is difficult to get a refund.”

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

PhotoㅣChannel A’s ‘Urban Fisherman 3’ capture
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