Yang Ji-eun’s pictorial “My dentist husband, thank you for devoting yourself to parenting for me”

Singer Yang Ji-eun caught the eye with her neat atmosphere.

The monthly magazine ‘Woman Sense’ released a pictorial interview with Yang Ji-eun, who was selected as ‘Jin’ in TV Chosun ‘Miss Trot 2’ (hereinafter ‘Miss Trot 2’) following singer Song Ga-in and Lim Young-woong.

In the published photo, Yang Ji-eun wore a simple mood outfit and created a neat atmosphere.

Yang Ji-eun said about her daily life changed after winning ‘Miss Trot 2’, “I’ve been a fan of someone, but I never thought that someone would be my fan.”

Yang Ji-eun also revealed the reason why she switched from a traditional musician to a trot singer. She said, “After kidney donation to my father, who was sentenced to death due to complications from diabetes, the recovery period was longer.”

She continued, “When I sang, it was difficult to do traditional Korean music, which requires danjeon power, so I forgot the music.” “I happened to see the song and challenged it again.”

In addition, Yang Ji-eun showed affection for her husband, who was a dentist, as “a person who wishes for my happiness more than me.”

“I’m grateful to my husband who gave up his job for me and devoted himself to raising children,” she said.

Meanwhile, Yang Ji-eun made her official debut in May with ‘The Taste of Living’ created by composer Jo Young-soo.

[Shin Young-eun, Star Today reporter]

Photo ㅣ Woman Sense

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