Baek Jong-won X Sung Si-kyung ‘Baek Jong-won Class’, a reminder of Korean food charm

Baek Jong-won, a culinary researcher and businessman, and singer Sung Si-kyung have joined forces as “Baek Jong-won Class.”

On the afternoon of the 28th, KBS2’s new entertainment program “Baek Jong-won Class” production presentation was held. CP Shim Ha-won, PD Kia-young, Baek Jong-won and Sung Si-kyung attended the event, which was broadcast live online due to the spread of coronavirus infection.

“Baek Jong-won Class” is a program that teaches “global Korean freshmen” the basics of Korean food and properly informs people around the world about the charm of Korean food.

“Baek Jong-won Class” drew attention as the first collaboration between KBS and Baek Jong-won. Shim Ha-won CP said, “I cast Baek Jong-won because I wanted to do a good program with him more than two years ago. When there was a ‘Kimchi controversy’ earlier this year, I had a strong will to inform Korean food, and KBS also had a public interest element.”

Baek Jong-won said about the opportunity to appear, “When I was doing a cooking program on another broadcast two years ago, a KBS official came to me,” and added, “I talked with a feeling of intimidation.”

“At that time, KBS was a public broadcaster. “Shouldn’t you have a responsibility for the global food culture?” he said. “I thought we should try to make Korean food with ingredients that are easy to get in our country so that it doesn’t deviate much from the recipe.” “So I planned to make Korean food with ingredients from that country when I went abroad.”

“The plan was canceled due to the outbreak of covid-19 in the preparation process,” he said. “Let’s bring foreigners to the studio as soon as we are in a hurry to teach Korean food.” “This is how we came up with it.

Sung Si-kyung said, “I’ve been offered a role.” Baek Jong-won replied, “I asked you to do it.”

Sung Si-kyung said, “I think I have a role in all the programs, whether it will be fun, or if I can do well, but Baek Jong-won Class seemed to have it all.” “That’s why I decided to appear on the show.

Baek Jong-won said, “The Bible is good and perfect. You’re good at foreign languages, too. “It’s not only good at foreign languages, but it also helps foreign performers cook,” he said. “I thought his voice was warm, but he actually acts warm.”

Producer Kia-young said, “What Baek Jong-won said at first is memorable.
If you become interested in Korean Wave idols, you will become interested in food as the last destination. “On the contrary, if you learn Korean food easily and fun, you will return to your interest in Korean culture.”

What is the difference from the existing food program? “From the perspective of the production team, we were deeply concerned about differentiating ourselves from each other.” A very good differentiation strategy is the combination of Baek Jong-won and Sung Si-kyung. “I hope you watch how Master Baek and Sung Sun-bae bring chemistry with their foreign friends.”

First broadcast at 8:30 pm on the 28th.

[Shin Young-eun, Star Today reporter]


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