‘Comeback’ Han Seung-woo “I hope that ‘See you Again’ will reach you sincerely”

Han Seung-woo. Provided by PlayM Entertainment

Group VICTON’s Han Seung-woo will release his second mini album “Fade” and title track “See You Again.”

Han Seung-woo will return on the 28th with his new album “Fade” about 10 months after his first solo album “Fame” last year. After the release of the new song, Han Seung-woo will have a time to talk about the album with global fans through Naver V LIVE at 9 p.m.

Han Seung-woo’s second mini album, “Fade,” means “to fade away” and “to fade away,” an album that will honestly unravel the worries and deep solitude of human “Han Seung-woo” behind his colorful appearance and give fans a deep impression.
Including the title track “See You Again,” Han Seung-woo participated in producing all the songs, including “LL,” “Exterior and Inner,” “Fatal Love” and “I Was So Happy to Meet You,” adding authenticity.

The title song “See You Again” is a song about the desire to meet again after a long wait, filled only with Han Seung-woo’s voice and piano, which are full of deep emotion to convey sincerity. Composer Lee Hyun-young, a member of the Lee Moon-se band and who worked with famous artists such as AKMU, participated in the arrangement with piano performances to enhance the level of perfection.

Han Seung-woo, who debuted as VICTON in 2016, imprinted his presence as a male solo artist by topping iTunes top album charts in 11 regions with his first solo album “Fame” last year. Earlier, Han Seung-woo personally told his fans about his military enlistment in July, and this album is the last album before joining the military, drawing keen attention from many. Meanwhile, Han Seung-woo is expected to host his solo special stage ‘Fade’ on July 11.

Han Seung-woo, who returned with his second mini-album “Fade,” told a question and answer regarding his comeback.

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Q. It is the first comeback in about 10 months since her solo debut last year. How do you feel about the comeback?

I’m very grateful to be able to release a meaningful album. As always, comeback makes my heart flutter.

Q. What does the album name ‘Fade’ mean?

It means “to fade,” but it means that the traces will not disappear and it will get thicker day by day.

Q. Please introduce your new song ‘See You Again’.

The title ‘See You Again’ is a song that contains what I want to say to my fans in the situation where I’m placed. If it wasn’t for this moment, I wouldn’t have written it.

Q. Is there any other song you want to recommend besides the title song?

There’s a song called ‘Exterior and Inner’, and I personally hope a lot of people listen to this song and feel comforted.

Q. I participated in producing all the songs. What is the focus?

Since it’s our last album in our 20s, we wanted to show our mature side and sincerity. I tried to capture it as it is without decorating it.

Q. How would you describe this album in one word?

See you again

Q. What’s the point of watching the music video?

It shows me singing while playing the keyboard, and I think it’ll be fresh because I haven’t shown it to you before.

Q. During the album teasing period, image teasers with two different concepts were released. What kind of charm did you want to show?

There are ‘Fade in’ and ‘Fade out’ versions. I wanted to capture two sides, ‘Celebrity’ Han Seung Woo and ‘Human’ Han Seung Woo.

Q. Objectives of this activity and plans for future activities

This activity is all about wanting to reach my heart.
And I think this album will make another start for me. I’ll show you how I’ve been growing.

Q. Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

I always say thank you first. Thank you for always staying with us. I hope we can stay healthy and meet again. It was a long time ago full of regrets, but I want to create happier days for my people who have been with me no matter what the situation is. Thank you so much and I want to say let’s continue to love each other.

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