‘Don’t be the First One!’ Kim Min-ki “Hong Yoon-hwa cooks 25 kinds of dished for me, only 4 months of marriage 10kg increase”

Comedian Kim Min-ki said he gained 10kg after four months of marriage with Hong Yoon-hwa.

The daily lives of Hong Yoon-hwa and Kim Min-ki were depicted in JTBC’s entertainment program “Don’t be the First One!”, which aired on the 27th.

On the same day, the 13th couple attracted attention as they still showed affection for their 10-year relationship and their fourth year of marriage. Hong Yoon-hwa set a table of 25 dishes, including LA ribs, for Kim Min-ki in the morning. However, Kim Min-ki seemed to have a hard time eating a lot in the morning.

In an interview with the production team, Kim Min-ki said, “I weighed 69 kilograms before I got married. Four months after she got married, she weighed 78 kilograms. “I gained 10 kilograms,” he said. “I won 25 meals a day.”

Kim Min-ki cautiously suggested to Hong Yoon-hwa, “All the side dishes are delicious, so let’s just put soybean paste stew and stir-fried fish cake in the morning next time.”
Hong Yoon-hwa flatly refused, saying, “It lacks nutrition.”

When Kim Min-ki said earnestly, “I will fill the nutrition with vitamin D,” Hong Yoon-hwa replied, “No, our warrior is in trouble, and I will prepare (25 meals).” In response, Kim Min-ki said he would cut back on his work, bringing out the last bastion and making people laugh.

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

photo| JTBC ‘No. 1’
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