‘Night of the 8th’ Lee Seong-min “I am a former monk, listen to the monk’s advice”

‘The Eighth Night’ Lee Seong-min expressed his feelings about playing the character Jin-soo.

On the morning of the 28th, an online production report for the Netflix movie ‘The 8th Night’ was held. The event, which was broadcast live online due to the spread of COVID-19, was attended by director Kim Tae-hyeong and actors Lee Seong-min, Park Hae-joon, Kim Yoo-jung, Nam Da-reum, Kim Dong-young.

Lee Seong-min said, “The character Jin-soo is a character who can see a different world that people cannot see other than seeing the world that we can usually see.

He continued, “We know people with different eyes as shamans or shamanists around us, and we wanted to hear their stories. A character named Jin-soo also had several conversations with a character called a former monk or a monk. We got advice on whether it is possible to express in the film. I prepared a lot for emotional acting. I had to practice the spelling because I had to use the behemoth.”

‘The Eighth Night’ depicts the struggle for 8 days to cross the 7 stepping stones and prevent the seal of ‘You must not wake up’, which will bring a hell filled with pain to the world. Released on Netflix on July 2nd.

[Yang So-young, Star Today reporter]
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