Tak Jae-hoon → Kim Joon-ho ‘Divorced Men’, first broadcast on July 13 [Official]

‘Divorced Men’ will be broadcasted for the first time in July.

Tak Jae-hoon, Lim Won-hee, Lee Sang-min, and Kim Joon-ho, who gathered topics for their fantastic chemistry in the SBS entertainment program ‘My Little Old Boy’, will return with ‘Divorced Men’.

‘Divorced Men’ is an observational talk show where four men, with an average age of 50.5, who lack something, are crooked, and thirst for happiness, invite guests to their house and listen to various stories.

In particular, as it is held in a comfortable space called ‘home’ rather than a studio, guests are expected to share their disarmed appearance and their candid stories that have not been shown anywhere. Not only that, it is expected to add to the fun with the delightful chemistry of Dolls for Men, who constantly quarrel over the same subject.

On the other hand, it is said that the four MCs, who have one thing in common, ‘Divorced Men’, showed a funny side, such as showing a twisted but salty appearance to the stories of the guests, and showing deep envy in their happy stories. In addition, as MCs with various pains (?) and experiences such as divorce, business failure, and health problems, they gave ‘reality advice’ that contained the real experiences of the MCs to the worries of the guests and gained sympathy.

SBS’s ‘Divorced Men’, a talk show of missing and crooked dolls, will be broadcasted for the first time at 11 pm on July 13th.

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Star Today]

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