The 10th Lotte Creative Contest begins today (28th)

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The 10th Lotte Creative Contest will begin accepting works on the 28th.

The Lotte Creative Contest, held by Lotte Culture Works (CEO Ki Won-kyu), which has been working hard to revitalize Korean films and discover contents, is contributing to the development of the video content industry by discovering talented creators and contents in Korea. As it marks its 10th anniversary this year, it will greatly expand the prize money to 280 million won in total from 180 million won in the last nine episodes and contribute to the search for more diverse video content through the establishment of the drama sector.

The 10th Lotte Creative Contest will be held in the movie scenario section, drama section, and new media content section. If you have passion for creation and brilliant ideas, anyone in Korea can participate, regardless of whether they are established or new. Co-written works in all categories are also available, opening the door to creators who work as a team.

Up to two films per person can be submitted as a requirement for entry in the movie scenario section, and a commercial film feature scenario (no limitation) and a proposal (less than five A4 films) with a running time of 100 minutes must be submitted.

The newly established drama section requires submission of two mini-series scripts (a total of 16 times, about 70 minutes per episode, within 35 A4 units per episode) and a proposal (within 15 A4 units). There is no limit to the number of entries in the sector. The new media content sector is a segment that incorporates the Lotte Horror Contest, which was held separately in the existing short-form content sector. Up to two scripts per person can be submitted, and two scripts of the series (total of 8 to 10 times, 30 minutes per time, A4 20 sheets per time) and proposals (within 5 sheets per A4 standard) must be submitted. Horror genre is included in any genre.

The received works will be fairly screened by major figures in the video content industry, and a total of seven award-winning works will be selected and awarded for two films, two dramas, and three new media contents. The first movie (master/team) will be awarded 100 million won, the first excellence award (master/team), the drama award will be awarded 100 million won (master/team), and the first excellence award (master/team). In the new media content category, 20 million won will be awarded to the grand prize winner (name/team) and 10 million won each to the second best prize (name/team).

The 10th Lotte Creative Contest will be open from 10 a.m. on the 28th to 10 a.m. on July 14. You can only register through the event page of Lotte Cinema website. Details of recruitment guidelines and restrictions on entries can also be found on the event page.

[Yang So-young, Star Today reporter]

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