aespa “The No. 1 candidate for ‘Next Level’, I don’t feel it” (‘SM CONGRESS 2021’)

‘SM CONGRESS 2021’ aespa asked for expectations for future activities.

At 10:30 am on the 29th, ‘SM CONGRESS 2021’, announcing SM Entertainment’s vision and strategy, was broadcast live through an online channel. The event will start with the opening speech of general producer Lee Soo-man, followed by speeches by general president Kim Young-min, CEO Lee Sung-soo, and CEO Tak Young-jun.

aespa appeared on ‘Lee Soo-Man Show’ and directly revealed his plans. Producer Lee Soo-Man said, “aespa achieved 100 million views in the shortest period of time after the release of ‘Black Mamba’. We achieved it in 32 days and broke our own record.” In response, Karina said, “Thank you for following the choreography of ‘Next Level’ because it is very addictive. I can’t believe I’ve even made it to the first place nominee, and I don’t think I’m feeling it yet.”

Karina also mentioned aespa’s plans for future activities. She said, “So far, only episode 1 has been released. aespa and I-aespa and I go to the wilderness, and many people wonder whether they will face the Black Mamba. Please look forward to what kind of story will come out this year.”

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment is an entertainment company established by executive producer Lee Soo-man in 1995, and includes TVXQ, SHINee, Girls’ Generation, NCT, and aespa. SM Entertainment is concentrating on streamlining its business structure based on the production of original content and the activities of prosumers who consume and reproduce content, and create content in various genres.

[Dagyeom Lee, Star Today reporter]

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