BDC, ‘Moonlight’ 2nd teaser released ‘Comeback warm-up is over’

BDC. Provided by Brand New Music

The three-member boy group BDC (Kim Si-Hoon, Hong Seong-Jun, Yoon Jeong-Hwan) has released the second music video teaser for the new album title song ‘MOONLIGHT’.

On the 29th, Brand New Music released the second music video teaser video for the title song ‘MOONLIGHT’ of BDC’s third EP ‘THE INTERSECTION: CONTACT’ through BDC’s official SNS channels. In the video, BDC showed a differentiated performance and sensuous visual beauty, making the fans’ hearts flutter.

With the appearance of the door reminiscent of the ending of the last album’s title song ‘MOON RIDER’, BDC, which caught the eye with objects in the retro texture and sensuous visual beauty, stood in line with the catchy chorus of ‘Your light’. By showing a differentiated performance using a microphone, expectations for the album and music video to be released tomorrow were raised.

The comeback spoiler, which was released on the 28th the day before, has been attracting attention as a signature content containing BDC’s album production since the last album. In particular, following the first part containing the recording process of the songs in this album, today’s choreography practice process for ‘MOONLIGHT’ is included. It is known that the 2nd part will be released, and it is expected to attract a bigger topic.

BDC’s third EP ‘THE INTERSECTION: CONTACT’ will be released on the 30th at 6pm on the online music site.

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