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The group BTS maintained the top spot on the US Billboard’s main single chart ‘Hot 100′ for 5 weeks in a row, showing off their majesty as a ’21st century pop icon’.

Billboard of the United States on the 28th (local time) through an article posted on the official website, BTS released the digital single ‘Butter’ on the 21st of last month, for 5 weeks in a row on the ‘Hot 100′ (July 3) chart. It was announced that he had risen to number one.

BTS, which entered and reached the top of the Hot 100 chart on June 5, maintained the top spot for a whopping 5 weeks. It is a majestic move worthy of the modifier of ’21st century pop icon’.

According to Billboard, among the 54 songs that reached the top right after entering the ‘Hot 100’, only 11 songs, including ‘Butter’, took the top spot for 5 weeks in a row. Among them, the song ‘One Sweet Day’, sung by Mariah Carey and Boys to Men together in 1995 by Mariah Carey and the Boys to Man, is a song that was released by a group, not an individual, and entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart for a longer period of time than ‘Butter’. Sweet Day)’ (maintaining 1st place for 16 consecutive weeks) is the only one.

Citing MRC data, Billboard said, “‘Butter’ recorded 27.6 million radio listeners in the weekly count until June 27. This is a 6% increase compared to the previous week’s count. ‘s weekly tally, it recorded 12.4 million streams and 128,400 downloads in the United States.”

This is an overall increase from 12.5 million streams, 111,400 downloads, and 25.8 million radio listeners last week.

The original song and instrumental version of ‘Butter’ were released on May 21st, a week later on May 28th, ‘Hotter’ version arranged by EDM, and on the 4th, ‘Sweeter’ with R&B color and guitar sound, respectively. ‘Sweeter’ version and ‘Cooler’ version were additionally released. Many analyzes say that the sequential release of remix versions contributed to the increase in the number of streaming, download, and radio broadcast audiences.

As a result, BTS has released ‘Dynamite’ (3 times), a remix version of ‘Savage Love’ that participated in the feature (1), and the title song ‘Life Goes’ of the album ‘BE’. On)’ (1st time) and ‘Butter’ (5th), with four songs, they ranked first on the ‘Hot 100’ for the 10th time in their career.

‘Butter’ maintained the top position for 5 consecutive weeks from the first week of entry on the ‘Digital Song Sales’ chart as well as on the ‘Hot 100’.

Billboard’s ‘Hot 100′ ranked first for 5 weeks in a row, and the music video also hit 400 million hits at 11:01 pm on the 28th. Among BTS’ music videos, ‘Butter’ is the 13th to surpass 400 million YouTube views.

The music video for ‘Butter’ surpassed 3.9 million concurrent users at the time of its release, achieving the highest YouTube premiere music video viewing record, and recorded 108.2 million views in 24 hours, making it the ‘most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours. ‘ The record was confirmed. Guinness World Records in the UK ranks the music video for ‘Butter’ as ‘Most Viewed YouTube Video Premiere’, ‘Most Viewed YouTube Music Video Premiere’, ‘Most Viewed YouTube Music Video in 24 Hours’, and ‘Most Viewed among K-Pop Groups in 24 Hours’ YouTube’s music video’ was registered as a new record in four categories.

Before the momentum of the ‘butter’ on fire is completely extinguished, BTS is planning to pour oil on ‘butter’ again. They will make a comeback with a new song by releasing a new single CD ‘Butter’ on July 9 at 1 pm (Korean time). It’s time to check out the historical scene where BTS and BTS compete for sex.

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